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  1. I'm trying to find some information about celiac or wheat sensitivity diagnosis in toddlers. I have a 19 month old who has (so far) unexplained pale, extremely smelly loose stools. She's eaten wheat etc since about 8 months without problems. Growth and height are normal but her symptoms have not been occurring for very long. Just went through testing for bile blockages and liver/pancreatic function. So far all negative. We found "celiac" as a possible differential diagnosis for pale, foul-smelling stools in current literature (as well as dating back to 1945 in an old family baby book). We're considering the possiblity of a gluten issue if this doesn't clear up but are against the idea of an intestinal biopsy. Hoping to talk to the doc today and see if they can test the blood they already have for antibodies. Otherwise we are considering just removing wheat for awhile and seeing if this clears up. We're getting a bit desperate since the smells of her dirty diapers are enough to cause us to vomit...that got pretty old, pretty fast. Does anyone know how long after symptoms are present (diarrhea for instance) before tests MIGHT turn up positive? Everything I've read indicates that the under 6 crowd is the hardest to diagnose. Also, are there any issues (other than a huge pain) with just not eating gluten if one doesn't have a diagnosis of celiac? It seems that with one diagnosis of celiac, whole households are going gluten-free. From a nutritional standpoint (I have a background in medical research) it doesn't seem like an issue if the diet is still balanced unless I am seriously missing something. Thanks...
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