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  1. Dear A. You've always been one of my favorite people on here. I admire your courage, humor, and great faith. I have always pictured you enjoying your guitar shop, your kitty, and your home because you always told me how much they gave you pleasure. You've been an inspiration to me and to so...
  2. Didn't I tell you my hubs shared his bug with me a few weeks ago? It's inevitable...we live with them. LOL But when I made soup, at least I gave him a bowl of it too. My trip to the produce stand yielded a treasure trove of things: pluots, tomatillos, eggplant, patty pan squash, cabbage and...
  3. This is my big ole Irish husband's view, indeed. he'd eat them every night if I let him. (I don't)
  4. I like your kitty Kat, K. (and you think I don't notice). Also like your quote--good one. I you. I am thinking about you and your Mom and sending hugs. Okee dokee, this evening is shaping up to be pizza night. (what? you say! but it is not Friday night!) I know. I know. but...
  5. That was nice of him, but honestly, I liked him as Puddy.
  6. Ruth I would be having zoodles every night. lol I love them sauteed in EVOO and garlic. but you could also make this; http://www.elanaspantry.com/paleo-chocolate-zucchini-bread/ or this: http://glutenfreegoddess.blogspot.com/2011/09/zucchini-gratin.html
  7. After much thought (okay. maybe about 20 minutes while finishing my coffee which I did not spill or spit this morning, so yaay for me!) I am thinking a good way to utilize the rest of the roasted chicken (and by the way, those Vietnamese chicken salad rolls are ridiculously good, if I say so myself...
  8. well, I've got that too, but there's nothing wrong with admiring the "view of other tall dark and handsomes"..... I call that a healthy appreciation for the human form. all looky, no touchy...like walking through a museum....
  9. I remember a time when you did not know how to use emoticons. Now look at you! ha.... "tall, dark and beyond handsome"....now, yer talking.....
  10. oh baby, I bought a bigass bottle of it at the Asian market...glug glug glug
  11. geesh..almost forgot. I found Talenti Chocolate Covered Sea Salt Caramel Gelato Pops at BJs. we walked a mile first, then ate one. Now, you all know Sunday night is ice cream night in our house....so... do you think it "offsets" the calories? the walking thing? c'mon lie to me. ps. looks...
  12. this guy or this guy? either way...I am SURE it's him (it ain't me!) lol
  13. You know....it's funny K, even though we don't have two teenage boys, but we also have partial bags of Ore ida's in the freezer. I guess my "one big boy" counts as a teenager? LOL