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  1. EDIT*********************** Lets try this link. Hopefully it will work. My link Hi, I'm a 21 year old female.....trying to figure out if this looks like DH? I broke out in this rash several different times the past couple of months....lasted for a few days each time (didn't use any sort of treatment, because my curiousity gets the best of me...I like to observe the reaction.) This rash starts out as a intense burning sensation on my arms...then these bumps appear. They do itch but not unbearably. The rash was from my elbows down on both arms. Along with that random rash, I do have blister type bumps on the back of my thighs and..well, on my bottom sometimes. These last for weeks. Seems like since I started college a little over a year ago my health has just...completely went down the drain. I've always had digestive issues...mostly constipation when I was younger..mom always said I had a strangely large stomache. Since college....here are my symptoms that seems to be getting unbearable...going to the doctor next week because I JUST got insurance. THANK THE LORD! Symptoms: In order of most annoying..lol Arm/hand & toe numbness and tingling- So bad I want to chop them right off. Bloating- enough that people ask how far along I am. All the digestive embarresments- If you can imagine it, I have it. Extreme fatigue- So tired I have to nap before doing anything strenous...like washing my 4 year olds hair. Memory Loss- This is really debilitating. My whole day consist of searching for....everything. I loose EVERY thing that touches my hands. Morning sickness- no I am not pregnant. There would be a baby by now! lol. Had this for wayyyy too long. Nausea- Randomly get sick throughout the day. Lack of coordination- I bump into lots of stuff. Itchy skin- Feel pretty itchy all over, first year my head has ever really itched insanely bad. Talk about some nasty dandruff. yuck. Anxiety- Did go to the doctor last year once when I had some money saved over some breathing difficulties, which they concluded as anxiety before even hearing me out. I refused treatment, because I refuse to believe i am simply stressed. However, since my health has gotton so much worse since then, I am getting depressed because no one believes the way I feel....and they don't show any sympathy. It's really annoying. HISTORY- got a family history of autoimmune disorders such as Thyroid disorders, RA, Lupus, uh...and another one, forgot what it is. I did do a VERY STRICT trial diet...about a week 1/2. Felt completely better. Honestly....my energy levels spiked so high it was almost unreal. Bloating was gone. Didn't look 9 months. I felt fantastic. Can't wait to get this checked out by a Dr. So any help or opinions would be greatly appreciated. THanks~!
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