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  1. I have RA, anxiety, depression, psorasis. Had been misdiagosed with IBS for years before discovering I had Celiac.
  2. Thank you for the information. I am trying so hard, if I was a meat eater I wouldn't really care about not being able to tolerate dairy. But I am trying to get proteins in my body, and always have depended on cheese and nuts. Since neither of these like me anymore, I am having to figure out other options. I used to love food, now I wish I didn't have to eat. Just never know if you're going to feel bad everytime you eat! I feel bad for everybody with this disease, it is very hard to learn to live with. I know in time I will adjust, it changes your entire life. Thank you again for the input!
  3. I cannot tolerate nuts at all any longer. It's like eating poison, within minutes. Maybe make it again, eliminating one ingredient at a time and try again, if you can tolerate it! Sounds delicious though! That's too bad! Hope you feel better!
  4. Since I have become diagnosed with Celiac, (two weeks ago), and started eating gluten free I have noticed that dairy is as bad as gluten for me now. Is this common for others? Regular milk, even soy, is affecting my entire system. Is this something else I should be avoiding? I really can't afford to lose any more weight, so any suggestions would be very welcoming! I am so new at this, and it is very frustrating. Being hungry almost all of the time makes me near impossible to live with!
  5. I was diagnosed finally at 52. I am having a really horrible time figuring out what I can and can't tolerate. I am at the point where I would rather feel hunger than the pain of eating something "bad". It is a real battle, as you all very well know. It started with a carb-free diet last June, (but I know I have had it for years looking back). I was trying to encourage my daughter, 21, to lose a few pounds, and I needed to lose a few anyway. After 20 pounds I weighed less than I had in years and was very happy. Went back to carbs, and wow, it was awful. I have lost another 30-35 since then, and am still losing. Even some foods that are gluten free seem to bother me. I also have RA, anxiety, depression (which I am on meds for), psorasis, and many other obvious Celiac symptoms. Exhaustion, and my hair is falling out. I'm sure these symptoms are nothing new to most of you, but I am really getting discouraged. I ended up in the ER in December for the most excruciating stomach pain I have ever had in my lifetime, and last night it was almost as bad. The Dr. gave me pain pills, but I really don't want to be taking any more meds than nescessary. Does anybody else have stomach "pain"? And if so, what has helped alleviate it? I will take any advice! Thanks for reading!
  6. Hello, I am new to this forum, so I will try to be brief and to the point. I have had symptoms for years, but was told that I had a "nervous stomach" and possible IBS. I have had panic attacks for 25 years, and depression for the last 12, diagnosed. On meds for anxiety, depression for many years, feel pretty good mentally. June 2010 decided to lose a few pounds, went on a carb free diet until October 2010. When started back on carbs, many stomach aches, bowel problems, gas, bloating, generally feeling crappy. Couple weeks ago woke up in the middle of the night with the worst stomach pain I have ever encountered in my life, so bad after 4 hours went to ER. They scanned, x-rayed, untrasound, blood work, everything. Found nothing. Went to Gastro Dr., had a endoscopy, visually he said all looks fine, waiting for biopsy results. I feel great if I don't eat. I am down close to 50 pounds, when all I wanted to lose to begin with was 10-20. I am trying to eat gluten free, then occasionally eat something that is not by accident, then really pay the price. If the Dr. says I don't have celic, I think I am going to go insane. I am starving all the time, but when I eat something "bad" my stomach hurts, but the hunger is still there. I am now scared to eat, and have almost resorted to making myself sick when I eat something that does not agree with me, although I have not been successful at doing this, yet. Am I crazy? Does this sound familiar to anybody out there?
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