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  1. I understand how you feel. Been Gluten-Free 2yrs 2mnths and almost always feel like I am starving. Like you, I wonder if I am getting enough nutrients/vitamins. My Anemia has gotten drastically better so I know that I'm doing much better than Pre-Celiac DX/Gluten-Free life, and I feel a lot better but I have gained 30lbs. My favorite food pre DX was whole wheat bread. In lieu of that I have been eating Gluten-Free brownies, cakes, cookies in order to fill up. Fruits/Vegies, love 'em but they don't fill me up. In the beginning it was about survival on a Gluten-Free diet, but now....time to find some healthy choices. Anyone have any suggestions of foods that fill ya up but don't make ya gain weight? Newcomer, don't worry, it will get easier, but it is always a learning process.
  2. NEW G.FREE MENU incl. BREAD at SUBWAY I am so happy! Heard about subway's in DFW area having new gluten free bread so ran into our local Subway and asked and she said yes and started changing her gloves. I said, Thanks I'll be back. Came back and ordered some gluten-free sanwiches and some not gluten-free. Both people working there changed their gloves and got new knives in between. Used special pre-packaged bread, put on special butcher block paper, double checked things I asked for were on the G.Free menu, they even looked at each other like....New Gloves....Check....New Knife...Check....as if they were saying this is what we practiced for now lets put it into play...they even wrapped them up and put the G.Free and the non G.Free in seperate bags to go. I made special attention to see if any bread crumbs had fallen into the bins...and no evidence of any...I was really impressed with their commitment to eliminate cross contamination.....they even had G.Free Packaged brownies. Both gluten-free Bread and Brownies were DELICIOUS! I think they may be just testing it....and so hopefully all you gluten-free people will go try it out so that they will keep the G.Free menu and bread. Best gluten-free bread and brownie I ever had. One negative...gluten-free bread is in shape of Kaizer roll so don't wast your time figuring out what size you want. :-)
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