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  1. Could you call their pediatrician and let them know who you are (relationship to child), what your concerns are, and see if they (the pediatrician) will bring it up to your son and fiance. Perhaps you can let them know the discussions you have had and why you are so worried. At this point wouldn't she be considered failure to thrive by a ped, since she was average height and weight until formula was introduced with wheat and now is at the bottom 2%. This should be drawing red flags to the ped anyways. Many pediatricians do not think of this first off. I have Celiac and I had to bring it up to my ped, who is wonderful, about my son...all same symptoms and it took me a while to put two and two together. He was almost 3 before we went gluten free with him, but by then he was complaining of stomach aches all the time. Perhaps if you put a bug in the peds ear, then at the next check up they could suggest it? Maybe the fiance is not taking it seriously because she feels it is just a "dietary choice"? I know many people who just think it is no big deal do not understand the seriousness of celiac. I think it is great you are offering to pay for the testing. What a great grandparent! Good luck!!!
  2. Yes the gluten free pantry brownie mix is my favorite brownie mix of any I have tried! I thought about those...will research the other recipe. I forgot all about chex mixes...may have to watch those as there are a lot of nut allergies at this school. Keep them coming!!! THANKS!!!!
  3. HELP! We are going to our son's end of the year picnic for school and with our last name we are supposed to bring dessert! I LOVE cooking, but am not so great at desserts! Please share your best gluten-free recipe for dessert. I know I can make some pretty basic cookies...chocolate chip, peanut butter, and I can make a mean box mix of cupcakes with icing and brownies...but what else is there that would be kid friendly! Any cookie recipes to share! I would like to bring something that no one can tell is gluten-free! THANKS!
  4. My younger son had this exact same problem. He was introduced to gluten through breastmilk as well so I have no idea the science behind why it seemed to take longer, other than may undeveloped digestion tract etc. He was constipated constantly with solid foods. It didn't matter how much fiber or juice etc I would give him. They were like pellet poops. It was horrible. Our whole house ended up going gluten free because I have celiac and my older son does as well, and as soon as he went entirely gluten free he has not had constipation even once! I believe he is intolerant and does not have celiac which is what his ped thinks as well. He shot up in growth and height after that. As a celiac, I do have bouts of both constipation and loose stools if I get gluten; however, I think it is different with intolerance. My little guy is the proof to me. He never really has runny stools, but if he gets a tiny bit of gluten he is constipated. GOOD LUCK!!!
  5. Pregnant

    I know for this pregnancy (my third) I had not gained any weight at all by 18 weeks. I am 22 1/2 now and going for another appointment tomorrow. I was getting really worried as I gained a TON (before I went gluten-free) with the other two. I see a specialist (Maternal Fetal Medicine) for other issues because I am high risk, but they monitor me because I have Celiac. They assured me that just because you do not gain weight, it does not mean that your baby is not gaining weight. At 18 weeks my baby was ahead of schedule (best they can tell with ultrasound) and I go again today for another ultrasound for measurements for the baby. Find a doctor that finds your symptoms to be real and believes you. It took me 11 years to get diagnosed and no one believed my symptoms. It was hard! Celiac is serious, and the specialists here watch the baby and you closely if you just started going gluten free or are newly diagnosed. I did a lot of nuts and whatever I could tolerate the first 14 weeks. I was very sick this time around and lost a lot at first. By second trimester I am able to eat whatever I want (that is gluten free of course). Don't be hard on yourself. A lot of moms don't gain much or lose the first trimester. Just find an ob or specialist that can help you and monitor you. Watch out for nausea meds and make sure they are gluten free if you go on any of them. Only eat what you can and what sounds good. I do smoothies and add protein. Is it just milk you cannot tolerate or lactose or anything with milk? A lot of people are lactose intolerant until they heal from the gluten attacks. Good luck! My new craving...for quick protein...I get gluten free lunch meat...boar's head brands are gluten free and at my local grocery store...heat them in the microwave (since I am pregnant) and roll gluten free guacamole in them and cut them up. You get the protein form the meat and the fat from the avacado. Peanut butter, can you do any protein shakes, hmm...I will keep thinking! BIG HUGS!!
  6. It took a while for my husband's parents to really believe this was more than just a little "thing" that our kids had. My parents knew from when I was a child being diagnosed.Chances are what other person said...that your baby is getting gluten because they may just not understand the seriousness of having celiac. I know our in-laws thought that it wasn't a big deal because they didn't see the gluten attack happen. It was usually after the kids were home for a few hours...then were in so much pain and in the bathroom for hours and sick for days. They weren't around for that part...so it wasn't a big deal. Also it takes a lot of educating to understand what has gluten in it. They thought it would actually say "gluten" on a package if it had gluten...in the ingredients....so they didn't think of the other stuff we have to watch out for. Maybe if you can sit down and share with them the seriousness...what an attack physically does to your intestine, your body, the way you feel...etc. That may help...but if they can't comply...you may need to find another person to take care of her, which may be hard. I have seen other posts where the boils etc were due to gluten attacks. So could be possible that she was exposed at those times. My kids had that too..but they weren't gluten free they were still getting gluten at the time. GOOD LUCK and many HUGS!!!
  7. What type of thing are you looking to take! I LOVE to cook, and would like to share a recipe...but are you thinking.....mac n cheese....pasta salad....cheesey potato bake...none of these are really hard...just a bit time consuming...taco salad...let me think about desserts...I tend to just do a really big fruit salad with kiwi, fresh pineapple, strawberries, papaya, mango, grapes etc OR gluten-free cupcakes...the betty crocker ones and pipe icing...or cookies. The 123 pantry (i think that's the brand name) of brownies are SO yummy and most of my gluten friends do not even know they are gluten-free. Have fun!!!
  8. Thought I would update after talking and doing some research with colleages! Really the half life is pretty long with fosamax. Many oral surgeons are more aware of the dangers of infection and ONJ...so a lot more of them are aware of the early signs of infection. Some start medication early just as a preventative. The rate of ONJ is still pretty low and seems to be much more prevalent(still very rare) with drugs like Fosamax vs some of the other bisphosphonates. If this is a surgery you need right away, most will recommend that you do it and just stop the Fosamax when you can before hand, but it is working actively in your body for a long time, so maybe going to a shorter acting half life product like Actonel etc may be an option for the future. Again it is a rare thing, so only you and your surgeon can decide what you want to do...but in my opinion, for what it's worth, I think you should be fine. Just take the antibiotics that are recommended and take them until the course is complete and GOOD LUCK! Please feel free to ask anything else, and I can see if I can get more answers! Hope this helps a little!
  9. Please excuse my foggy pregnancy brain as it has been a long time since I worked with these bisphosphonate products. I used to take Actonel. I chose Actonel because the half life was shorter vs. Fosamax, and Actonel did not oversupress the bone turnover like other products may do. Fosamax has a very long half life, so the product is working in your body a while after you stop taking it. So unless the dental work is a long, long time from now, stopping the product right before the surgery may not make that much of a difference. Having said that most of the dental issues that was reported in studies was very rare. It is called ONJ, osteonecrosis of the jaw. It has been reported and has to do with the way fosamax turns bone over to stop the fracture process. Ok...sorry this is getting way long winded. At the end of the day you can stop Fosamax to make your dentist feel better and have the procedure and should not have too many complications. Otherwise after the procedure you could switch to a different product if you would like. I believe the ONJ that was found was in a very few number of patients, and those that has been on the product 7+ years. I am not a physician, and just wanted to let you know what research was out there that I remember. I will check with some of my old colleagues to see if there is any new updated research. GOOD LUCK!
  10. I found out I had celiac at the age of 19 and had symptoms since age 8 that went undiagnosed for years. Things got really bad before I was diagnosed positively, finally, with blood tests and positive biopsy. After many negative ones. My now 4 1/2 year old son started showing the typical symptoms about 1 1/2 years ago. Constant stomach aches, fatty stool, irritability and not wanting to eat anything after a while. Don't know why it took me so long to make the connection. I chose not to do the biopsy at such a young age...I just know. He has been on a gluten free diet for 1 1/2 years and all symptoms are gone! He actually grew 5 inches in 6 months after going gluten free and his ped was amazed. My younger son who is only 2 1/2 has had no typical issues. He is not malnutritioned looking, not really thin etc. Does not complain of stomach aches...etc. BUT he had lots of constipation. I think he may just be gluten intolerant and not have celiac. He has been on a gluten free diet for the last 1 1/2 years as well and now all his constipation issues have gone away. Our whole house is gluten free, and as a result my husband seems to get sick less often, and feel healthier overall (I think he could be gluten intolerant as well). Do whatever you think is best for you. I can tell you way way way back in the day I had 7 negative blood tests, and 5 negative biopsies, before I tested positive and I have a high sensitivity to gluten. So for me, even though the tests are much more sensitive than they were many moons ago, I feel I don't need the test to see the same symptoms I had growing up. No need to put my little guys back on gluten to make sure they have it. My ped is comfortable with the celiac diagnosis for both as well, by seeing how much better they are doing. Plus my oldest son has been "glutened" a few times, and as a result has severe stomach cramping, diarrhea, and feels horrible for days. So I know. I hope you can figure all this out!
  11. Hmmm....I am very interested, but I didn't see a link..did I miss something? THANKS!
  12. It is HARD to eat out, but if you find restaurants that really work with their servers it really isn't so bad. I have had horrible luck at Chili's and I think it is because they don't educate their servers...so they probably don't clean the grill, or changes gloves, or use different spoons etc. I agree...I have had GREAT luck at PF Chang's and at Red Robin....there are several restaurants. You just have to make sure they know you have a SEVERE gluten allergy and I have found people to be more careful. Sorry you were glutened! It stinks! You can also check on the website before you go somewhere and see where the nearest gluten free places are...so next time you can enjoy a good meal out! I only go to places that have a separate gluten free menu, or one that has more on it than you can order this but without this type of thing. It seems when they take the time to make a separate effort they are more diligent about the issue. Oh and not all tortilla chips are only corn based...some have wheat to fill in. A lot depends on brand. SO SORRY!
  13. Glad to hear that things are getting a little better. I am now 10 1/2 weeks in and things are starting to improve. I am eating normal size portions of all different foods now, but nights are still really bad. What type of zofran are you taking? I thought most were not gluten free? I am on phenergan but only 1/2 tab before bed. I am so ready for this to be over! Stick to whatever works for you! Must be something in the air as everyone I know is having a rough time with morning sickness! Roda...you are one LUCKY girl!
  14. Isn't that just wild! I know exactly what you are saying K8ling. Maybe it is because I have been SO sick this pregnancy too! I am taking phenergan. Used to be all day morning sickness but it is getting better with acupuncture! UGH! BUT now all I want is arby's (really?) papa john's pizza (thought about writing a letter to them to see WHY Oh WHY they can't make a gluten free pizza) Subway (not in texas so no trial here for the gluten free bread) Penn Station philly cheesesteak sandwhich (the bread really) Olive Garden breadsticks...and yes I even want a WHOPPER! ALL 2000 calories! Sorry if I made anyone's mouth water...just need to get that OUT! I never crave this stuff...it makes me SO sick...but I can't help it. AND to be honest nothing really ever sounds good...not really craving much, just what I can keep down, and it is never any items remotely like these.
  15. Does anyone else feel this way??? When I am not pregnant I don't miss it at all! I am SO sensitive and my attacks last days now that I am getting a little older that I don't want anything at all to do with gluten!!! I have been diagnosed over 12+ years ago, and it seems like now that I am pregnant with my 3rd I am craving it. It doesn't matter what commercial I see on TV or what place I drive by...I can smell it, taste it and just plain want it! Actually I don't crave anything much right now, and hardly eat at all because I have been so nauseas...hoping the next few weeks fly by right into 2nd trimester!!! BUT that doesn't seem to make me want this any less. Need some celiac companions to help me feel sorry for myself Thanks for letting me share! Why me? Why now??? AHHHHH!!!!!!
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