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    I am actually taking the brand that is ranked #2.
  2. Hey Guys, So my gut issue has never fully resolved. Now I seem to get a lot more d especially in the mornings and I end up being more constipated at night. My joints are killing me and I am constantly brain fogged and fatigued. My bowl movements smell horrible and my gas is no better. Still waiting on my celiac panel results but a few things that are bothering me are the following. First off I have been taking 5000iu of vitamin d3 a day now for about 5 months and my levels are still only 14. Next my Ferritin levels are elevated 550 and my iron is low normal 79. I don't know what could be causing that. Next my liver level is a little elevated the SGPT was 89. Also I cannot seem to get control of my thryoid. I am on 240mg of Armour and my TSH is still 5.5. What do you think is up guys? I've also started devleloping a rash on my elbow. The rash is already starting to scab over in the picture.
  3. Ok guys,this post is a little graphic. Many of you know I have been having gut problems for quite some time. You can look back in my history to see my symptoms. I have to admit, I am currently Euthyroid and I do feel quite a bit better, but I still have this constant abnormal feeling and my GI Issues are still there. Recently I started having huge greyish colored bowel movements accompanied with incomplete evacuation. The movements smell terrible almost like a vomit/sulphur smell, so does my gas. The movements themselves are somewhat formed and somewhat not. They are litteraly that big they clog the toliet. They are also extremely messy. They are large even if I don't eat much. I rarely get full blown D just what I describe above most of the time 7 days a week. I have had 2 celiac panels, both of which were negative beside one showing a slightly elevated IgG at 11 which was 2 points above normal. All my bloodwork is fine (ie. liver panel, kidney panel) I had a colonoscopy and that was fine as well except for one polyp. Any idea what the hell can be cause these bowel troubles.
  4. Anyone else experience stuff like this? Really starting to get annoying.
  5. My Thyroglubulin Antibodies were at 68 last time I had them checks range was (0-40). So, yes I believe I do have Hashi's
  6. Ok guys I have been on and off with this gluten thing for a while. I have hypothyroid that can't seem to ever be properly regulated. Been at it for two years (currently on 4 grains of armour). My bowels have been jacked up since my late teens/early twenties (now 28). Recently I started developing chest pains and shortness of breath. Had a halter and EKG which came back good, going for a stess test tommorow. Chest pain seems to be brought on when I eat certain things, I really can't pinpoint it right to gluten. Yesterday I felt good, then last night I ate some chinese food and that was it, I litterally thought I was going to have a heart attack. Laid in bed all night with a rapid heart beat, palps, chest pain, anxiety. I have had the celiac panel (no biopsy), colonoscopy, ANA titer all normal. I do have low vitamin d. Never had iron or anything checked. B12 was in mid range. Not sure what else to think. Any thoughts?
  7. Ok thyroid labs are completely normal. I don't have my most recent available but I know they were right were they had to be. Testosterone was way low. Going to discuss with doc next week. I'm still having odd issues though. Bowel Troubles are stills pretty constant I get burning and nausea in the gut dizziness (almost to the point that it makes me feel like falling over) sweating fatigue (which I put up to the Low T) I'm not losing weight but I'm also not gaining (thank god) I also have low vitamin d. I've been taking 5000 IU every night. Any suggestions as to what else could be going on here. I had a colonoscopy, no crohns or uc. Had the celiac blood test done, came back negative with I think the Gluten Giladian IgG or IgA (i forget which ones) be Tentative at 11 which was the slightest elevated. Liver Panel was fine, nothing showed up on my Abdominal and Pelvic Ultrasound. Any suggestions as to any other testing or could it be stress. I'm not really worried these days as much as annoyed as I want to feel better.
  8. Doc ordered my a Celiac Panel so I went to the hospital today to get my testing done. When I got there the ladies drawing my blood seemed to confused as to run the Celiac Profile Test or The Celiac Comprehensive. They called the doctor in the hospital and he told them the celiac profile test is the same thing as the celiac panel and told them not to run the comprehensive. So what exactly is the comprehensive?
  9. scottyg354


    Just talked to the nurse at the doctors office. She said that everything looked normal, even though she read out loud to me that my gallbladder function was abnormal. LOL. Guess I am going to wait until the end of the month to talk to the doctor. Lucky me. It is only functioning at 20%.
  10. scottyg354


    It's gonna be tough if my test shows up negative to try a go gluten free. I'm gonna do it though and see how I fair out.
  11. scottyg354


    Suprisingly the past two days my symptoms haven't been that bad. Is it normal to have symptoms that aren't consistant? I know they are bound to come back, the only symptoms that seem to linger are the dizziness and rashes.
  12. scottyg354


    I did have the celiac panel last year. I pushed for it after finding this site. Unfortunately right around the time I found this site I went gluten free which was about 3 weeks before my panel. So kind of bad timing. At that point I had know idea that I was to eat gluten for a while prior. I have been eating gluten daily, so this time my results will be accurate. Only thing that showed equivocal on my last test was my Giladin/Gluten IgG at 11. PS: What the hell is a final impetus? LOL
  13. scottyg354


    Can the gallbladder cause the skin boils, constipation and dizziness?
  14. Well I have been talking to a few of you for a while about some of my issues. Just got back from my Ultrasound and HIDA scan. Galbladder is only functioning at 17%. So I guess that could explain some of my issues. Still going to get the celiac panel done, since I tend to get boils and fatigue and am still constipated.
  15. scottyg354

    Boils Anyone?

    I can manage. Doc gave some Anti Depressant's to curb my depression. My symptoms have been oddly manageable lately, I don't know if it is because I am on the AD's and the depression is a lot less. One thing I am really noticing is the dizziness and constipation are rough right now, and the boil outbreaks are sucking, but I'm managing better.