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  1. Ok guys,this post is a little graphic. Many of you know I have been having gut problems for quite some time. You can look back in my history to see my symptoms. I have to admit, I am currently Euthyroid and I do feel quite a bit better, but I still have this constant abnormal feeling and my GI Issues are still there. Recently I started having huge greyish colored bowel movements accompanied with incomplete evacuation. The movements smell terrible almost like a vomit/sulphur smell, so does my gas. The movements themselves are somewhat formed and somewhat not. They are litteraly that big they clog the toliet. They are also extremely messy. They are large even if I don't eat much. I rarely get full blown D just what I describe above most of the time 7 days a week. I have had 2 celiac panels, both of which were negative beside one showing a slightly elevated IgG at 11 which was 2 points above normal. All my bloodwork is fine (ie. liver panel, kidney panel) I had a colonoscopy and that was fine as well except for one polyp. Any idea what the hell can be cause these bowel troubles.

  2. Sounds just like me! My mother had all the thyroid issues, but I had all the other symptoms...the heart stuff showed up around age 30. I went on a strict gluten free diet (you can't ever cheat!) and all my symptoms went away!

    Have you been tested for Hashimoto's disease? It's an autoimmune disease and celiac disease is also...from what I've read online if you have one you have a good chance of having the other.

    Hope this helps!

    My Thyroglubulin Antibodies were at 68 last time I had them checks range was (0-40). So, yes I believe I do have Hashi's

  3. Ok guys I have been on and off with this gluten thing for a while. I have hypothyroid that can't seem to ever be properly regulated. Been at it for two years (currently on 4 grains of armour). My bowels have been jacked up since my late teens/early twenties (now 28). Recently I started developing chest pains and shortness of breath. Had a halter and EKG which came back good, going for a stess test tommorow. Chest pain seems to be brought on when I eat certain things, I really can't pinpoint it right to gluten. Yesterday I felt good, then last night I ate some chinese food and that was it, I litterally thought I was going to have a heart attack. Laid in bed all night with a rapid heart beat, palps, chest pain, anxiety. I have had the celiac panel (no biopsy), colonoscopy, ANA titer all normal. I do have low vitamin d. Never had iron or anything checked. B12 was in mid range. Not sure what else to think. Any thoughts?

  4. Ok thyroid labs are completely normal. I don't have my most recent available but I know they were right were they had to be. Testosterone was way low. Going to discuss with doc next week. I'm still having odd issues though.

    Bowel Troubles are stills pretty constant

    I get burning and nausea in the gut

    dizziness (almost to the point that it makes me feel like falling over)


    fatigue (which I put up to the Low T)

    I'm not losing weight but I'm also not gaining (thank god)

    I also have low vitamin d. I've been taking 5000 IU every night.

    Any suggestions as to what else could be going on here.

    I had a colonoscopy, no crohns or uc. Had the celiac blood test done, came back negative with I think the Gluten Giladian IgG or IgA (i forget which ones) be Tentative at 11 which was the slightest elevated.

    Liver Panel was fine, nothing showed up on my Abdominal and Pelvic Ultrasound.

    Any suggestions as to any other testing or could it be stress. I'm not really worried these days as much as annoyed as I want to feel better.

  5. Doc ordered my a Celiac Panel so I went to the hospital today to get my testing done. When I got there the ladies drawing my blood seemed to confused as to run the Celiac Profile Test or The Celiac Comprehensive. They called the doctor in the hospital and he told them the celiac profile test is the same thing as the celiac panel and told them not to run the comprehensive. So what exactly is the comprehensive?

  6. I would give all I have to be able to go back in time and have had one person, one doctor, one book or website or anything tell me to try the diet even if my tests were negative. I was a textbook celiac in all respects except one, I showed a false negative on the blood tests for celiac that the doctors kept doing over and over and over as I slowly died in front of my young children.

    Please do give the diet a good strict try no matter what the tests say. In the end your body will tell you if it needs to be gluten free but you have to give it the chance to be gluten free first for a time.

    Just talked to the nurse at the doctors office. She said that everything looked normal, even though she read out loud to me that my gallbladder function was abnormal. LOL. Guess I am going to wait until the end of the month to talk to the doctor. Lucky me. It is only functioning at 20%.

  7. Scotty, you are talking to a girl who used to eat pizza as a comfort food :D You are talking to a gal who went to the doc on Tuesday after symptoms had persisted for two months, only to have them mysteriously "resolve" overnight on Monday :o Well, not really, but so it appeared. You cannot negliect a whole year of symptomatology because of one or two days of not feeling "so bad". Why would you still be here if you were fine??

    Problems with foods often depend on what you eat with that particular food or other. Eat the food on its own, on an empty stomach, and see how you react. Just the pizza crust, without all the confounding mozzarella cheese and mushrooms and pepperoni and olives and whatever-else-you-like on your pizza. Yes, it is normal to have symptoms that aren't consistent.

    Finish the challenge and take the test!! And when your testing is finished go strictly gluten free :ph34r:

    It's gonna be tough if my test shows up negative to try a go gluten free. I'm gonna do it though and see how I fair out.

  8. To cut to the chase, so to speak;

    get down to the nitty gritty;

    wrap it up :D

    Or, more specifically, the kick-in-the-butt that forces you to do something. :lol:

    Suprisingly the past two days my symptoms haven't been that bad. Is it normal to have symptoms that aren't consistant? I know they are bound to come back, the only symptoms that seem to linger are the dizziness and rashes.

  9. Hi Scotty: I was just thinking to myself, Wait a minute, this Scotty has been around a long time, and he still hasn't been tested??? :unsure:

    I went back to the beginning and here was your first post on the forum, a year ago:

    "Ok guys. I am a 26 year old male. I was scoped about 7 years ago both on the top and the bottom, due to chest and upper abdominal issues. Doc said I had GERD and a Hiatal Hernia. Over the years my GI Health has seemed to steadily go down hill. I recently went to my GP about my GI issues and he said it sounded to him like IBS-A. he said since I was already scope within 10 years he didn't see the need to do it again, but sent me for all kinds of blood work. I was diagnosed hypothyroid as well TSH of 9.

    I have some odd symptoms I would like to list to see if anyone on here has had the same issues. Here they are:

    GI Symptoms:



    Loose, Flat and Ribbon Stool

    Left Sided Abdominal Pain (not severe but consistantly present, right underneath my ribcage)

    Noisy stomach (Most on my left side and towards my lower back)

    Foul Smelling gas at least 3-4 times a week

    Gnawing feeling in stomach, indigestion

    Excessive Gas

    Other Symptoms (Possibly due to hypothyroid)



    Dry Skin (Especially Elbows and Knuckles)

    Rashes (Boils)

    Some Vision Issues

    Cracking Skin on Feet

    Back pain almost between shoulder blades and in lower back

    Weight Gain

    Brain Fog

    All i know this is driving me nuts. I thought something was seriously wrong with me. My blood came back perfect except for my Thyroid. The hypothyroid explains a bit, but I am just curious if I could have a food allergy as well.

    I am in the process of cutting out Gluten. If I feel better I will def let my doc know I want to be tested."

    If you are not going to go gluten free, it is time you did a serious gluten challenge and got yourself tested, IMHO. And even if you test negative you should give totally gluten free a trial. The gallbladder is the final impetus, surely. Countless posters have had gallbladder problems, many of which resolved gluten free, but many of the posters had already lost their gallbladders before they realized that gluten was the problem all along. I have not read back on all your posts to see how much gluten you have been consuming over the past year, but just that first post alone rings enough alarm bells for me that you are at the very least gluten intolerant. And I believe you were very gluten lite when you were previously tested for celiac. And I don't know if your endoscopy included celiac biopsy but I suspect not if it was 11 years ago. You need to resolve this issue in your mind once and for all, and hopefully before you lose your gallbladder :).

    I did have the celiac panel last year. I pushed for it after finding this site. Unfortunately right around the time I found this site I went gluten free which was about 3 weeks before my panel. So kind of bad timing. At that point I had know idea that I was to eat gluten for a while prior. I have been eating gluten daily, so this time my results will be accurate. Only thing that showed equivocal on my last test was my Giladin/Gluten IgG at 11.

    PS: What the hell is a final impetus? LOL

  10. I thought your problems really sounded like Gallbladder. When it's that low functioning they usually recommend having it removed.

    If you are taking acid reducing meds they can make your GB more sluggish.

    My function was at 30% when tested. I went off my acid reducer and gluten-free too, to see if it improves.

    I'm not getting as much pain/nausea with mine as I was before.

    A LOT of Celiacs have GB problems. I found this link here on celiac.com.


    Can the gallbladder cause the skin boils, constipation and dizziness?

  11. Sounds like a direct correlation to gluten then, hon. :(

    Those are all symptoms I can relate to.

    Plus constipation often accompanies hypothyroidism.

    For constipation, try taking probiotics and lots of water to hydrate. More veggies in your diet.

    Unfortunately, a gluten challenge brings on the symptoms with a vengeance.

    I hope you can make it through the month. :blink:

    I wouldn't last a day :ph34r:

    I can manage. Doc gave some Anti Depressant's to curb my depression. My symptoms have been oddly manageable lately, I don't know if it is because I am on the AD's and the depression is a lot less. One thing I am really noticing is the dizziness and constipation are rough right now, and the boil outbreaks are sucking, but I'm managing better.

  12. Hidradenitis suppurativa affects the armpits and groin region (something to do with the glands there) so if it's on your side it would be something else, but it could very well be related to gluten.

    I actually get them from the bottom of my armpit to halfway down my torso, I also get them on butt cheeks (the worst ones) and thighs sometimes. They at first hurt, then towards the end get itchy. It's a real pain and not really nice looking either. makes it a b%$@# to take my shirt off at the beach.

  13. Does there have to be a history of Celiac in your family in order for you to have it? I don't know of any Celiacs in my immediate family, not saying past relatives didn't have it. There have been a lot of young deaths in both sides of my family. Also, I am Scotish, German and Polis do these account for northern Europe as I understand blood lines from those areas have a higher risk.

  14. I've been having this for a few years and it pretty much never goes away. It is like this dull ache (not cramping) that is right below my left rib cage, it wraps around to the left side of my back. It is more annoying than anything. The only time I ever have seen relief from it is when I went on a low carb diet. I'm sure I could have been getting CC'd but low carb usually mean really low to no gluten. I am wondering if this is a symptom of my constipation. Anyone else ever get this?

    I am also constantly stiff. I don't know if that could be due to my thyroid or a symptom of something else. Had a colonoscopy and it was clean.

  15. That sounds similar to what happens to me. I get the nausea in waves and sometimes it feels more like cramping, sometimes it's more vague and dispersed. The pain in my left side can also be either so vague that I'm not sure if it's actually there, or really concentrated like being stabbed.

    All I know is I hope I find out what the hell it is.

  16. I don't know, but

    those are all symptoms that I get when I eat gluten.

    Let us know how the panel goes.

    I'm not going to call the pain severe. Its more like an odd pressure feeling, enough that it is annoying. When it hits my back it starts to get annoying and the burning nausea seems to come in segments. Not consistantly but every so often I'll get an attack of it.

  17. It certainly sounds like it very likely could be related to gluten. I agree with what ravenwoodglass said. Do you have the actual test results with reference ranges, or can you get them, and then post them here? I know there's one test (IGG I think?) that is most specific to gluten antibodies, so if it's elevated at all (equivocal I think they call it), it's still pointing to gluten intolerance if not celiac. If it was at all elevated while you were gluten lite, that would be an even stronger indicator, imo.

    If that's the case, you could save yourself from having to go through more testing and get to give up those 'healthy whole wheat' sandwiches.

    Went to see the doc. He has me doing another Celiac Panel in about 6 weeks. Also checking Vitamin D, B12 and Folate as well as an abdominal ultra sound, hepatitis panel and hida scan. So this should at least hopefully give me some answers. He also said that if my labs for my thyroid aren't lower this time around that we are going to try out Armour.

  18. Hi! I went gluten free for one month out of curiosity because I have so many symptoms that fit celiac (at least 20). I saw my doctor who ordered the anti endomysial (anti tissue transglutaminase) test, a week later, giving me just a week to eat gluten again. I didn't feel like my symptoms were as bad as I was expecting during the week back on gluten, considering I had had some pretty quick reactions to it when glutened by mistake while gluten-free. My test came back negative, and my doctor has dismissed celiac. Anyway, it's been about five weeks back on gluten now, out of my stubborness to accept the negative result, and I have continued it because I have bought a home test and wanted a better result. Over this last week, my original symptoms are back with a vengeance. The grumbling, bubbling stomach all the time, discomfort and nausea for hours after eating, daily diarrhoea which is yellowy cloloured and floats (nice), and my horrendously itchy elbow rashes are flaring.

    I hope this is helpful. Good luck to you.

    See, I'm more on the C side then diarrhea. Although I do get D occasionally and it is very large movements. Most of the time my bms are off colored and mishaped if I can go at all.

  19. The couple of days before you reacted are not unusual for a gluten reaction. If you do want to do more celiac testing stay on the diet you are now on, with all the kashi and whole wheat bread etc. for a couple to 3 months more and then get the celiac screening done. You could still have a false negative though. When you say your first panel was only slightly elevated was it in the positive range? If it was then you do need to be gluten free.

    There were three ranges negative, possible (not the exact word but thats what it means) and postive. I was only in the possible range. I forget the exact number but it wasn't to high above negative. Do these symptoms sound like they could be gluten related. I am really hitting a dead end with my problems as nothing is turning up.

  20. Ok guys, I know I keep posting on here and am probably annoying the hell out of you but I have a few more questions I need to ask. First off I am going to see my doc tomorrow for my bi monthly checkup (thyroid, bp, ect). We have been discussing my stomach issues. Over the last year I had a colonoscopy and a celiac panel. I was eating pretty much gluten light (as I was not really worried about cross contamination) for about 2 weeks prior to gettng the panel done. It came up negative, with my Gluten/Giladin IgG only the very slightest elevated. My colonscopy also showed no issues in the large bowels. Anway, I have low carbed on an off for the last year since and have seen some relief in my symptoms, when I was on the diet. (Please note I was never a big grain guy to begin with.). When I would go off the low carb my mild symptoms would return, like I said I am not much of a grain guy, maybe a little shake and bake or a sandwhich everyone once in a while but thats about the extent of it. U

    I started seeing a dietician about two weeks ago and she has me on a high fiber cereal in the AM (Fiber One, Kashi) and has me eating a lean meat sandwhich on whole wheat for lunch. Well the first couple of day weren't bad. Now recently my left sided pain has returned, its curving around my back, and towards the center of my stomach. I get some burning in the cent of my stomach as well as some naseua. I am constipated probably worse then ever right now, and I keep getting these dizzy spells. I am also starting to experience some odd pains in my arm and leg which I never had before, almost like brief shooting pains that come and go. This part is gross. The stools that I do manage to get out are usually only what I can compare to as a gold color or orange, but they always show up yellow on the toilet paper (sorry for to much info). Only things off on my blood work are my Calcium (278 bottom of range is 280) and my liver ALT was raised (98 were 75 is top of the range),I am also having a current flare up of boils and my thyroid is still elevated @ 5.8 which my levo was just upped to .200 for.

    Anyways, do you guys think it would be worth paying for another panel since I was gluten free before the last one? Is the anything else I should ask for? Allerygy Testing? I'm kind of at a loss and am not sure whats causing this. Anyone else have symptoms like these? Like I said my colon was totally clean when I had the colonoscopy, one poly that was it, so I am assuming Crohns and UC are out of the question? Any help would be great. These symptoms are not unbearable yet, but they are getting worse.