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  1. When I first started this journey, roughly 11 yrs ago with symptoms, I had no clue. Eventually, having no luck with doctors (hypochondriac or psychosomatic), I googled my symptoms over and over looking for something... ANYTHING... that would give me a clue. Among other issues, my insides would not move, I was turning gray, felt like death, and had a persistent cough. I can't remember who but someone had posted on the forum and I found some of my symptoms. Eureka, I immediately began a gluten-free diet to see if it made any difference. Of course that was a journey, not realizing what products contained gluten. Long story shorter – first I went gluten-free, symptoms began to reappear, then it was soy (first organic was okay, then not), symptoms reappeared, took out corn, symptoms reappeared, then it was all grains. So the last couple of years I have been grain-free plus no sulphates. Actually, truth be told, my Celiac pharmacist gave me the recipe for health. I asked her if she liked a certain product. She answered, “I don't know, I have never tried it.” I asked her what she did use. She replied, “Nothing out of a box, a bag, or a bottle.” And that has pretty much been my life for the last couple of years. There is the odd product I try but it always has an after effect and I have to way the consequences against the enjoyment of it. I am one of those who react to 1 crumb in the butter, flour dust in the air, sulphates in anything, sometimes things that don't even seem like they would be a problem, like avocados and blueberries when I am contaminated. January 2016 I began this recitation. It is now May 5th, 2016 - Here I am 4 months later and I feel like screaming to anyone who will listen, “Things are improving!! My gut is healing!!” So what happened?? Someone suggested digestive enzymes. My insides were so compromised that I couldn't eat much besides fruit, veggies, and meat; all plain, all without being touched by people other than me. I could barely stand salt at times when I was compromised. Haven't been to a restaurant in years since I am not in a city that would have one to cater or understand this much of a problem. I started digestive enzymes but I read the label wrong and started with 5 first thing in the morning. Whatever... I began to notice improvements in what I could eat. Not anything different but just that I could eat without feeling ill or having my gut shut down. I stayed on those for a month and a half.. then I picked up a parasite from someone living in a very unclean apartment and visiting there and helping to clean. Well, that was a huge battle. I had to eat to discourage parasites. But in the process my insides began to heal dramatically. I was eating blackberries, drinking garlic keefir (which I couldn't have done 5 mths ago and gave me the first clue my insides had improved substantially), drinking oil of oregano or peppermint oil drops in a glasses of water, eating cabbage and green roughage. Drinking water with apple cider vinegar in it and Aloe Vera juice. After a couple of weeks my insides were a whole different story. I had a feeling of wellness that I hadn't had for years! I FELT like trying to eat something different. So I decided to try Gluten-free Rice Chex. Haven't had them in years.... and I am so happy! I can eat them!! (Not to say they are healthy, cause they are processed crap) but I didn't get sick and that was the amazing part. So now I am beginning to try a few things that would have set me back previously, I have made my own crème brulee because I have always been able to eat eggs. But the sugar was causing problems, but now it's okay. The issue I have now is that I want to try things too fast so I am having to exercise restraint. So here is it – parasites are very common, everyone has them however whether they cause problems depends on your immune system. Does it not makes sense that they would cause leaky gut? An over abundance in the gut would destroy gut tissue and take nutrients from a person and possibly put holes in the gut leading to food reactions? Digestive enzymes help to destroy the protective coating around parasites. Foods that discourage them or kill them are blackberries, garlic, cabbage, oil of oregano, peppermint oil, aloe vera juice, Braggs apple cider vinegar and more (google to find). I found medication didn't do anything so I turned to all the other. So this is how it is today. I don't suggest it is the answer to anyone else's problems but when I found this site, hidden in the posts was the beginning of the answers for me. I may still be gluten, soy, corn intolerant but I am feeling so good now and I just thought I would tell someone. I just wanted to share. Thanks for reading.
  2. etta694

    Gluten-Free Restaurants In Saskatchewan Leyda's (306) 244-0707 112 20 Street West Saskatoon, SKS7M0W6 Bistro, Desserts/Ice Cream, Pizza $$$ Gluten-Free Friendly, Vegan Friendly,Romantic, Farm-to-Table
  3. I'm too busy snickering... okay, Bwhahaha, laughing my guts out. I need this.. Karen..... Feels good to laugh. Sorry, Karen I didn't recognize you all dressed up. I have to say, I live a boring life when I read back through here... but someone has to be the contrast, right?
  4. After feeling so bad for so many years (only about 7 which is nothing compared to some but...), I now feel so good. Cough gone, aches receding, energy back, gut beginning to heal. I guess feeling better (eventually) is a given. I am more responsible about what goes in my body, more aware of the amount of processed foods out there and what that means. I think one of the biggest positives is finding an empathy for people who do not feel well, who are undiagnosed but suffering, and what it means to 'have a reaction to' something. I understand now, when someone says they can't have something that this could cause unbearable symptoms. I really didn't know how much a person could suffer from food issues until I became one.
  5. If we could hear everything our bodies are saying to us... we would eat very differently.
  6. I've been constipated all my life too and since going gluten free I am 'moving' everyday, sometimes 2 times a day. Health folk often say we are supposed to have movements after every meal... if they are healthy BM. I feel so much better now that I am gluten free and this is part of the total healing - having healthy elimination. If a person suffers with D, this is a whole different story.
  7. It's All About The Pentiums - Weird Al I LOVE those pups!!! Gotta go garden
  8. Hi you!!

    How you doing...feeling better?


  9. "The drug triggers the death of the cells that cause the damaging immune response,'' he said. ''By doing that you switch the immune reaction from a damaging one to a tolerant one.''" I also wonder what else this affects if cells which are a normal part of our immune response are killed. What else are these cells responsible for (long term)? Its like taking out the squeaky hinge.. and then finding out the door falls off.
  10. etta694


    I was going to ask about the source of the vit E in the multi but I guess if they say gluten free... then that shouldn't be an issue.
  11. Just a note.. something I learned here. If Celiac is present then the villi may have been affected and the tips of the villi are where lactase is produced for the digestion of dairy (lactose). So lactose intolerance could be part of the issue.
  12. That sounds like a dream. I should check bylaws here but I'm pretty sure I can't have chickens in small town Sask.. I'm guessing lots of people would and it would be a circus trying to keep things clean and neat. My family has farmland outside of town but with few trees and not much rain usually (and no well), it would be hard to have an acreage there. You have treeeeees... you lucky girl... I love trees. If you're coming for a visit, Kareng, I'm guessing you would like trees over tumbleweeds.
  13. Mine is doing the same thing. Also I can't search just the I think something must be down 'for maintenance' or something... guessing...