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  1. When I first started this journey, roughly 11 yrs ago with symptoms, I had no clue. Eventually, having no luck with doctors...
  2. etta694

    Gluten-Free Restaurants In Saskatchewan

  3. etta694

    The Funny Pages - Tickle Me Elbow - The Original

    I'm too busy snickering... okay, Bwhahaha, laughing my guts out. I need this.. Karen..... Feels good to laugh. ...
  4. After feeling so bad for so many years (only about 7 which is nothing compared to some but...), I now feel so good. ...
  5. etta694

    Monosodium Glutamate

    If we could hear everything our bodies are saying to us... we would eat very differently.
  6. I've been constipated all my life too and since going gluten free I am 'moving' everyday, sometimes 2 times a day. Health...
  7. etta694

    The Song Name Game

    It's All About The Pentiums - Weird Al I LOVE those pups!!! Gotta go garden
  8. Hi you!!

    How you doing...feeling better?


  9. "The drug triggers the death of the cells that cause the damaging immune response,'' he said. ''By doing that you switch...
  10. etta694

    I Have To Show Off My New Friends

    Somebody with a sense of humor bred these..
  11. etta694


    I was going to ask about the source of the vit E in the multi but I guess if they say gluten free... then that shouldn...
  12. etta694

    Distended Belly- Need Help Please

    Just a note.. something I learned here. If Celiac is present then the villi may have been affected and the tips of...
  13. etta694

    I Have To Show Off My New Friends

    :lol: I'm off to a gluten-free potluck..!!
  14. etta694

    I Have To Show Off My New Friends

    That sounds like a dream. I should check bylaws here but I'm pretty sure I can't have chickens in small town Sask.....
  15. Mine is doing the same thing. Also I can't search just the forum...so I think something must be down 'for maintenance...