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  1. When I first started this journey, roughly 11 yrs ago with symptoms, I had no clue. Eventually, having no luck with doctors (hypochondriac or psychosomatic), I googled my symptoms over and over looking for something... ANYTHING... that would give me a clue. Among other issues, my insides would not...
  2. Hi you!!

    How you doing...feeling better?


  3. All this talk of salmon patties... yummmm Gotta make that real soon.
  4. Lasagna! What more can I say... it had spinach, carrot, broccoli, peppers, cottage cheese, ..and then the other usual stuff. mmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
  5. This is intriguing me.. I never knew I cared . Firstly, I want to go to your class.. (that sounds awesome) or any class but we live in a small town so.. no go but.. second, buy that book and start to experiment. You know, I never really cared about cooking before .. don't know why.. but NOW it...
  6. Whenever I read your posts, Love2travel, I fall apart drooling.. (and others too.. but especially these...) If I made this, it would read - chicken potatoes and carrots cornbread (never cooked a leek in my life) and that's how it would taste too... It's a good thing people...
  7. That's what I am having... first time posting here because I am not very creative... BBQ steak (it's a smokin 36 F outside.. time to break out the barby) and caesar salad... yum!
  8. Now that I am gluten free things move along pretty good but when I need to - stool softener and a fibre laxative (got at Walmart). LOTS of water, salads and veggies.... and massaging my abdominal area when I go to bed also relaxes the muscles (which are always sore) and helps things move.
  9. For Ciliac and Gluten Free Folks to connect. At the Kindersley Hospital Meeting Room 7pm Bring a gluten free snack to share if you want. Share recipes, encouragement, information, baking supplies...