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  1. Wayyy back in the day there used to be a topic about gluten-free restaurants in Saskatchewan. But I know some of these no longer exist. I think we should start one up again smile.gif. We may be a tiny province but with more and more Celiacs out there I bet this would come in handy!

    I've got a list as of July/2010:


    - 2nd Avenue Grill

    - 6 Twelve Lounge, Sheraton Cavalier Hotel

    - Asian Restaurant

    - Avocados Mexican Restaurant

    - CAFE 224

    - Chianti Cafe

    - Genesis Family Restaurant

    - John's Prime Rib & Steakhouse

    - La Bamba Cafe

    - La Bamba Bel Norde

    - Little Bangkok

    - Prairie Ink

    - Schreyer's Smoked BBQ Shack

    - Spicy Garden Vietnamese Restaurant (can make most dishes gluten-free)

    - Tarragon's Restaurant

    - 3 Blue Diamonds (the Chicken Parmesiana with tossed salad and rice is safe. I have ate it many times)

    - Boston Pizza (ask for gluten-free menu)


    - Golf's Steakhouse

    - Luiggi's

    - Vietnamese Gardens

    - The Cottage

    - Mediterranean Bistro

    - The Green Spot Cafe

    - Tumbler's/Western Pizza (gluten-free pizza crust with some safe toppings)

    - Boston Pizza (ask for gluten-free menu)

    Someone help me out here and add to the list!


    (306) 244-0707
    112 20 Street West 


    BistroDesserts/Ice CreamPizza

  2. After feeling so bad for so many years (only about 7 which is nothing compared to some but...), I now feel so good. Cough gone, aches receding, energy back, gut beginning to heal. I guess feeling better (eventually) is a given. I am more responsible about what goes in my body, more aware of the amount of processed foods out there and what that means.

    I think one of the biggest positives is finding an empathy for people who do not feel well, who are undiagnosed but suffering, and what it means to 'have a reaction to' something. I understand now, when someone says they can't have something that this could cause unbearable symptoms. I really didn't know how much a person could suffer from food issues until I became one.

  3. I've been constipated all my life too and since going gluten free I am 'moving' everyday, sometimes 2 times a day. Health folk often say we are supposed to have movements after every meal... if they are healthy BM. I feel so much better now that I am gluten free and this is part of the total healing - having healthy elimination.

    If a person suffers with D, this is a whole different story.

  4. "The drug triggers the death of the cells that cause the damaging immune response,'' he said. ''By doing that you switch the immune reaction from a damaging one to a tolerant one.''"

    I also wonder what else this affects if cells which are a normal part of our immune response are killed. What else are these cells responsible for (long term)? Its like taking out the squeaky hinge.. and then finding out the door falls off.

  5. That sounds like a dream. I should check bylaws here but I'm pretty sure I can't have chickens in small town Sask.. :P I'm guessing lots of people would and it would be a circus trying to keep things clean and neat. My family has farmland outside of town but with few trees and not much rain usually (and no well), it would be hard to have an acreage there. You have treeeeees... you lucky girl... I love trees. :wub:

    If you're coming for a visit, Kareng, I'm guessing you would like trees over tumbleweeds. ;)

  6. Darn...I was hoping it would be some place close to Maui. :P I'm probably next door. Comon Kareng! You've always wanted to come visit the home of the Mounties, moose and..the mighty beaver.

    If I lived on an acreage I would have chickens, a cow, some sheep... and dogs and cats. Also chinchillas but not for making coats or anything :( ...ssshhhhhh don't want to talk too loud or Chilli will hear.. And as long as I'm fantasizing.. I would like a garden that would supply all my veggie needs..and a hothouse for winter fresh veggies powered off of a geothermic, solar, wind powered system that would have left over power that I could sell... and a fresh water spring... and a million dollars....

  7. massive quantities of red food poisoning[/s

    like a massacre had occured in my kitchen

    Bloody looking fingerprints all over the counters, sink and mixer. I was getting more and more pissed as the night went on.

    it's like the mafia, ye can NEVER get out :ph34r:

    :lol: :lol: :lol: I love this place... :rolleyes: healthy humor...

    Loey, laughter is very healing...that's why you hafta stay a psillie..

  8. Spring has sprung! Hey Irishheart back atcha! TOMORROW! That's our group,s big potluck. I am so glad I am able to enjoy this. I am going to be on my knees praying over that potluck! This is our first and I know that not everyone has the same level of concern about cc yet (and the finger would have been pointing back at me if I hadn't figured this out). Plus I haven't heard anyone say... 'I have a soy issue.' except me... so...

    Hoping Sunday will be a 'Happy Mother's Day' with no cc issues from the night before. :P

  9. Just a quick vent here... I have been feeling so dragged out lately and unmotivated. I know/knew it was the gluten but didn't know exactly what.. and didn't feel well enough to figure it out. Finally a few days ago I eliminated a couple of things(I hadn't realized contained soy) out of my diet and took some liquid iron which helped some. I have enough energy now to come on here and look for some more answers. I am so thankful for this forum.

    My problem? Cross-contamination. Wooden spoons, plastic (cracked)spatula, etc. Why I didn't look at that before, I don't know. Dead brain cells from years of gluten exposure...? :P And also I felt so good initially from going gluten free. I didn't think I would get more sensitive than I was... and yet I knew, you know, from reading this forum. Anyway, now I have hope that I can get up and running and back to 'normal'. :D

  10. That being said, there is such a thing as non-celiac gluten intolerance which produces much the same symptoms as celiac disease, but you don't test positive on the celiac tests.

    I need to pick more brains about this. :huh: Is this a logical thought here... Celiac causes malabsorption and thus mega symptoms depending on the area of the gut that is affected. If a person has been suffering from anemia, vitamin deficiencies, food issues such as an inability to digest dairy.. does that imply villi atrophy? Wouldn't that suggest Celiac even if they can't find it with biopsy? :unsure: