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  1. Also, forgot to mention that I started out taking 2-4(2mg pills) in 2000 and now I am up to 12-16 (2mg pills) for a total of 24-32mg per day. I take 4 pills with each meal and more if I still get D. And yes I know how ridiculous this is. Please help!
  2. Hi, new to the forum. Been taking loperimide which is generic Immodium for 10 years now to stop idiopathic chronic diarrhea. I am 24 years old and I feel really stupid for just suffering with it all this time instead of figuring out the cause. The GI doc I had 10 years ago was a legit ahole and told me it was nothing to worry about and said taking Immodium long term is completely safe. Now my body is probably dependent on it and I probably have a higher cancer risk due to untreated celiac disease... I'm starting a gluten-free diet asap, as in tomorrow but does anyone know where I can find information about cancer risk for my situation? I really don't want to get cancer and I'd like to know if I go gluten free will it reverse any or all of the damage caused in the last 10 years... Thanks a lot
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