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  1. Two weeks ago I mistakingly ate chicken nuggets that were not gluten free, I noticed they tasted different and read the box and "Wheat" was in the ingredients. I had ate 4 of them. I had no idea what to expect. I went to bed woke up 2 hours later, cold sweat, nauseous, went into bathroom called for my husband passed out on the floor, when I awoke I continued to vomit for 4 hours. I called my GI doctor and the office said this can be a reaction to ingesting gluten. Has any one else had this reaction?
  2. I just witnessed the Giant Eagle deli slice meat on the regular slicer and then label it gluten free. When I questioned them they resliced on the cheese slicer instead of slicing on the gluten free (or so they claim) slicer. I then told them forget it couldn't eat the meat any way do to contamination.
  3. Thank you everyone, I contacted the distributer and they gave me the name of the company Jennie-O. I called them and they verified that the turkey is gluten free, I was concerned because it said it was flavor enhanced with broth and flavorings. Happy Thamksgiving everyone.Karla
  4. Help.....My son was given a free turkey from his employer, I am trying to find out if it is gluten free. It is a Amish Valley turkey, it states it has flavoring added. I tried calling distributer they asked me what gluten was, I can't find them online, does anyone know? Thank you Karla
  5. I think you should continue with your dream and cook gluten free. I drive 45 minutes just to get gluten free pies and cakes. There is a huge business opportunity in gluten free baking. I found one women that bakes for a health food store, all gluten free. Don't give up your dream, just modify it. Good Luck.
  6. I took, some peanuts,some cheese sticks, and bottled water. I did contact the office last year was told they couldn't do anything to help me. I hope as time goes on and more people are diagnosed it will be easier to obtain food out in the public. I guess all we can do is continue to educate the public. Thanks for listening, I was only diagnosed in August of 2010, I guess I still get angry every once in awhile that I am the minority when it comes to eating out.
  7. My husband and I have season tickets to the Cleveland Browns. It really irritates me that there is no gluten free foods in the entire stadium. When I asked I was told there was an area that had vege wraps, yeah wrapped in a flour tortilla. Does anyone else feel really left out at these type of events? Any ideas? I am sure children attend these games too, I can't be the only celiac person in the entire stadium.
  8. Mine went down from the 300's to 28 after being on the gluten free diet for 6 months. My doctor hasn't rechecked them since then. I have a friend though that has never lowered hers. She remains high even on a gluten free diet.
  9. I am 44, was diagnosed last August, I had symptoms for 5 years,but thought they were all realated to working nightshift and the stress of being a nurse. I think it would have been easier being diagnosed as a child. As an adult I miss so many things I used to eat.
  10. I am hearing alot making homemade bread, I think I might look into that. Does everyone use a bread machine? and good recipes?
  11. I know, you would think they would understand, they also have no gluten free food in the cafeteria, neither did the las hospital I worked at, very scarey. I have not had any patients at either facility that have had celiac disease, I think everyone just needs education, which I do every chance I get.
  12. I am a nurse and last week was nurses week so everyday at work corporate did something for the nurses. Every day they sent food, bagels, donuts, pizza, cookies, nothing I could eat. Everyday I heard, go in the lounge look at all of the food we received for nurses week. There wasn't even a spot that I could clean off so I could eat the lunch I brought I had to go to another area to eat. I felt left out, when I brought it up to the supervisor I was ignored and was told that I could wash off some of the vegetables on the vegatable and cheese and cracker tray. Thanks for listening, just needed to vent.
  13. Hello, I can tell you estee lauder does have some products with gluten, the lipstick I wore actually listed wheat in the ingredients. I switched to lancome for my lipstick which is gluten free, I call the manufacturers also. I dont really pay to much attention to eyeshadow , or eye makeup because I am not eating it. I do pay attention to shampoos and conditioners because there is a chance I could ingest in the shower. I also pay attention to hand lotion because pf possible ingestion. I was diagnosed in August 2010, and I too had for a very long time. Good luck to you.
  14. Glutened again twice in two weeks. So no one else gets sick. I bought some Genisoy nuts and found on a site that they were gluten free. Well have been sick all weekend, that was the only thing added to my diest this week, called manufacturer, Genisoy Food Co. Inc. was told by their representative none of their products are gluten free. I am throwing mine out, but am still ill.
  15. It takes me 24 hours to react also, but now I am starting to notice small symptoms before the 24 hour reaction. I have begun to think mine is cross contamination, I was diagnosed in August and was good until we all started to be more relaxed around the house since there are 4 of my household that are not celiac.
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