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  1. Hi, I was recently diagnosed through blood work with Celiacs. My IGA level was a 75, I was told normal range is 1-19. The nurse that called told me to immediate go Gluten free until I go to the GI doctor which I go to in two days. I have been gluten free for two weeks now. My symptoms are definitely improved(stomach pain, bloating, diarrhea). I have to admit though that I am having a hard time with the diet. I have read alot on the internet since being diagnosed and what I read over and over is that the processed and packaged gluten free foods will put alot of weight on people with Celiacs. I have always been right around 129 lbs..I am 5'5".About a year and a half ago for no apparent reason, I put on 12 pounds. I have always worked out at least 3 days a week and kind of watched what I ate. Since the weight gain I have upped my exercise drastically, added weights, done the Weight Watchers points system(which always worked in the past to take weight off) and absolutely nothing has worked. I have taken off about 3 lbs since going gluten free, probably water weight, but I am very afraid that I will start putting on more. I know that 12 lbs probably doesn't sound like alot but for me it is since I have always been very good at managing my weight and this weight seems to be stuck on me and the thought of putting more on while managing this disease is scary. I definitely am going to continue to follow the diet because I am starting to feel better. One thing I have noticed that has not gotten better since going gluten free but actually is worse is the tiredness. I am not a napper and for the past few weeks sleeping is all I think about. Can anyone give me any advice or feedback on the diet, weight gain/loss, tiredness,what to expect? Thank you!
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