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  1. Thanks everyone for the information. Much appreciated. Double checked with the group I am traveling with and they advised they had purchased gluten free alternatives. The suggestions will be helpful for future situations. Chase
  2. Hello, I've been gluten free for about a year now after being diganosed with Celiac at the young age of 14. It's been a long process, understanding what foods cobtain gluten, etc. In recent months, I've gotten the hang of what contains gluten and what does not, although I wanted some clarification on a couple of dinner items.. BBQ- I presume the only thing to watch out for is the sauces used in the BBQ? The lean meat is acceptable, obviously. Any suggestions for some gluten free BBQ sauces? Additionally, chili? Since the majority of the ingredients are gluten free (beans, meat, onions, peppers, etc.), the only thing to confirm would be to make sure the chili mix is gluten free? I've heard of some mixes containing wheat flour, but does anyone know any gluten free chili mixes? Thanks in advance! Chase
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