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  1. Since 2008, I have been dealing with the most ridiculous health issues, blue hands, joint paints, numbness, fatigue, canker sores (my entire life)feeling puffy, and gross, never feeling full, and extreme stomach pains that would leave me in horrible pain. I've seen so many specialists and doctors and it seems they only care about curing the symptoms and not trying to find out the problem! I've been tested for everything and in 2008 I did the celiac blood test and it came back negative. I felt hopeless. During the summer and fall I experienced the worst pain of my life that left me unable to move for an entire day. When I went to the doctors I was told to stop eating any diary, and anything that could hurt my stomach for example, no coffee, no sauce, no orange juice, no salsa I basically was left eating pudding and pretzels and didn't even lose any weight. I had an endo scop surgery, and the results came back as gastrisis, but when going over the stuff on the phone the doctor mention something about sprue and then said that it didn't seem serve enough for me to do the diet, really how is this possible! Its been frustrating and upsetting I just want to feel good, so 17 days ago I started my gluten free diet, and then last week I started to break out in hives, and my elbows have become extremely dry. I am itchy all over and I can't take it anymore. I am frustrated with no answers and at times I feel like giving up. I feel bad for my loved ones, and my mom and boyfriend especially. I just feel like all I do is complain and that they must be so sick of hearing it. I just wish I had a doctor who actually cared and that someone would be willing to help me. I made an appointment with a dermatologist today to see about my skin, I am thinking I will probably just vent to her about my issues because at this point, I have exhausted all my resources and I feel like throwing in the towel. I just feel like no one that can help actually cares. This forum has been very therapeutic so far and I am hoping someone can help me!
  2. Hi Guys! This is my first post, I have been gluten free (diet wise for about 9 days!) Since starting the diet, all my symptoms (stomach pain, etc have subsided) Its only recently that I have been breaking out in hives, and have been itchy. After talking it over with my brother's gluten-free who is a scientist she told me it was most likely the products I've been using. which is scary! Anyway, I was wondering if any knew if Fresh Soy Cleanser was gluten free, I e-mailed the company and still haven't heard back yet. Any help would be amazing! Thanks!
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