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  1. My mother-in-law has fructose malabsorption, which caused a lot of problems for her. She can't eat fruit, HFCS, onion, tomatoes, and many other foods containing high amounts of fructose. Something to consider.....or the more severe fructose intolerance. I read that sugary things bother you. Could be a possibility. I am going through a lot of similar things. Please let me know if you find anything. I have had a lot of abdominal pain that moves around. My gastro thinks that it may be an additional food intolerance to gluten and lactose or a bacterial imbalance. I do not have any of the major symptoms of IBD, so we are keeping any eye on it, but otherwise ruling it out. I have had chronic GERD and gastritis for well over a year. I took acid reducers for 6 months and they really didn't do much. I am planning on going on an elimination diet in a couple of weeks to see if I can find any answers (I am in the middle of moving). For now, I am trying to rebalance my gut flora. Good luck!
  2. Actually started taking prilosec (suggestion by my doctor) and the pain has mostly gone away. I am going to say that it was likely an issue with the damage from the gluten being highly effected by degestive acids.....not sure, though. The pain does pop up here and there, but I feel a lot better! I am going to eventually look into the possibility of more intolerances. Thanks for the paper link. I work at a university, so I will likely be able to download the full text pdf for free.
  3. Has anyone else experienced this? Just curious.... I had accidentally eaten gluten several times over the Christmas holiday, mostly cross-contamination issues at the in-laws' house, but also got a little complacent. Anyway, I had a weird burning sensation above and to the right of my belly button for 3 months or longer. Because it started with the gluten, I did not go to the doctor, but then it went on and on. I went to the doctor (finally) and he told me to watch my lactose intake and take lactase if I have any dairy, but did not seem too concerned. I took it one step further and started taking digestive enzymes (gluten-free, of course). It started to get a lot better and the pain went away. A couple of weeks ago, I went to a Mexican restaurant and got what I usually order: cheese enchiladas, rice, and beans. I always ask about the sauce and if it contains flour, I just tell them to add salsa to the enchiladas. This time, I immediately started to puff up and get massive cramps in the middle of my meal.....I think the tortillas were not all corn or something....a risk you take by eating out. Since then the pain has come back, some days worse than others, but some days it can be really annoying. It is also a little larger area this time. I am going to assume that since the doctor was not concerned, I should not be, but I thought I would ask all of you if you experience this as well. Could it be something else? Maybe another intolerance? Or may H Pylori? Any input would be greatly appreciated.
  4. Well, it is starting to go away......and so is my bodily inflammation. I am starting to be able to see my collar bone and my clothes are starting to fit a little better......I am assuming it actually is Celiac as opposed to just an intolerance (though I personally think that since the symptoms are very similar between the two and because Celiac can be so difficult to diagnose, someone will eventually figure out that it is all the same thing). We think my grandmother had it and I am going to assume that my brother has it. My mom claims that bread makes her bloat and that she felt better on the atkins diet, so I am assuming that there is some intolerance going on there. Thanks for the advice!!!
  5. First, a little bit of backstory. I am a self-diagnosed gluten intolerant. My nurse practitioner did not see the point in testing for Celiac if I was planning on doing a gluten challenge anyway, so when I did it, it was obvious that the gluten was causing a problem. I have been off of gluten for a little over a year, with some oopsies along the way. I have accidentally been eating tiny bits of gluten for a while, but discovered the source last week. I had been having very mild digestive problems and when I accidentally glutened myself a few weeks ago, I did not have the usual large reaction that I usually have, but I had a lot of abdominal pains that came and went. Anyway, it ended up being my cereal. I eat generic rice chex and the company must have changed suppliers....it took a while to figure it out. I thought it was stress as I felt great after going home for the holidays, but I have found that I felt better because I was not eating the cereal. Since I have discovered that, my digestive system has slowly gotten better, but my face, neck and body are still a little puffy due to inflammation. Anyway, last week, I got a red mark on my wrist that looked like a red-colored bruise. Since then, it has started to get tiny bumps like a rash, has continued to be red, and at times, it has looked kind of like really dry skin. Today it has started ITCHING, though I put a little bit of hydrocortizone on it and it feels a bit better. I have never gotten any blisters and the tiny bumps are not white, they are red, no drainage or anything. Both areas are close to each other and about the size of a black bean. It does not look like the normal red, dry patches I get and since it has been around for a few days, it is definitely not contact dermatitis. Any ideas? Is it DH?
  6. There are also apps with restaurant menus to eat gluten-free out. "Is that gluten free" has an eating out version. Expensive, but very worth it.
  7. And....it is the rice chex, ate breakfast, tummy pain again. They used to have a blanket statement about all allergens possible and did not contain anything in the ingredients list, but they must have changed their supplier. It now says that it may contain traces of wheat....I am thinking shared equipment. Awesome. Well, I guess my fiance will be given yet another free box of cereal and I will just have to buy the real rice chex or the Safeway brand ones (they say gluten free on the box). I have been so good for so long, but have been slipping lately. Well, I guess I need to start being super careful again.
  8. Well, I have figured out that I am eating something that is continually bothering me. I was fine all weekend and it is coming back a little bit today. Now I need to figure it out. I am wondering if Walmart has reformulated their generic rice chex. I checked the ingredients when I first started buying it and it has never bothered me before. They are famous for doing that. I might just have to pay the money and buy the Chex brand ones as those are actually tested. I will have to check and see. If not, it is the chocolate I have been eating at work or a little bit of both. This is stupid!! Anyway, I will figure it out, but had to vent!
  9. I totally understand. I have social engagements with my fiance 4 times in the next week that involve eating outside of my little bubble. I do have staples that I order all of the time that never make me sick, so hopefully, I will be fine. Let's both hope that we start to get better. I am generally really good about not making mistakes, so I am crossing my fingers that everything will be okay. On an unrelated note, one thing that didn't make me sick, but tasted like it would was the gluten-free cinnamon roll that I had a Wheatfields in Omaha on Sunday. I kept waiting to get sick because it was that decadent!!!
  10. I just wanted to see if any of you have any suggestions. I had (I think) several accidental glutening situations over the holidays. I made some stupid mistakes while driving home for Christmas and ate some salt and vinegar chips that had malt vinegar on them. Didn't think to look at the bag, as most of the company's chips are gluten free, until I had eaten 5 or 6 chips. Then I had a hot sauce packet that had wheat in it. I made it through that episode with not too big of a reaction. Over the weekend, I made some gluten-free cookie mix. My fiance's parents' kitchen is very small and NOT gluten-free in any way. I am assuming that the cooking were slightly contaminated and I ate some over a couple of days unknowingly. I started to get this slight burning sensation to the right of my belly button (I am assuming that indicates the damage to the small intestines). It went away once I got to my parents' house. When my fiance came to visit a few days later, he brought the cookies and I ate one immediately bringing back the burning sensation. It has now been around on and off for a week and a half. It moves around, but is mostly located to the right of my belly button. Has anybody experienced this? Any suggestions to give this area some love so it heals faster? I have decided to take it easy on the caffeine (I usually just have one cup of green tea a day, switched to peppermint or chamomile), sugar, lactose rich foods, and no alcohol for a few days. I am also trying to remember to take some digestive enzyme with every meal. Any other suggestions to help this along?
  11. I know exactly how you feel. People who can eat gluten sometimes do not understand how we may feel and that they are hurting our feelings. My brothers and father can sometimes be hurtful, but they are all coming around slowly thanks to the wonderful support of my mother and the tiny lectures she gives them all. We all think that my youngest brother has a gluten problem, but he will have to figure that out on his own, all we will do is anger him. Anyway, I don't think they really think about what it would be like to always be the outsider when it comes to eating food anywhere but home. My dad had a hissy fit because we were going to sub the couple of tablespoons of wheat flour with sweet rice flour in our Thanksgiving gravy, so we had to make two batches. I'm pretty sure that they both tasted the same. My brother had the same reaction when my mom asked him about our Christmas cheesecake, though I won there as I had made an amazing peanut butter cheesecake for birthdays last March that my mom had frozen. It was amazing! Anyway, make sure you sit down with them and tell them exactly how you feel when they do those things, or have your mom make the meals without announcing the substitutions or both. People do come around once they really understand what you are going through, it just takes a little bit of time. For now, just start learning how to cook delicious food you can eat and share it with others. Pretty soon, the fear that gluten free means not tasty will go away and people will start to accept the diet.
  12. Thanks!!! I will look into all of those things. I also have the Babycakes cookbook. I forgot that many of her recipes a use this flour. I was not impressed with the cookies, but I will take the advice of using recipes with a lot of ingredients to hide the taste. I am hoping to use all of this flour up so I am done and over with it.....now that I have been doing this for a year, I have figured out that there is really no magic flour mixture to use with everything. I have had better baked goods by buying the individual bags of flour and using the right mixture for the right thing, though it does take up a lot of pantry space.
  13. Suzanna, I am so sorry you are having such a hard time right now. If your friends can't be supportive, just know that all of us can be a large support network. I haven't been doing this for long (1 year), but it does get easier, friends who want to listen and understand will, family members learn to adjust. Make sure to get the help that you need, but remember that there are some VERY experienced Celiacs on this forum who know what they are doing and can give you really good advice as far as the Celiac is concerned. One way you can help yourself as far as food is concerned is to use your kitchen to its fullest. You can make good pizza crust, bread, and baked goods at home that are delicious. You can also find new things to eat. Go out to your store and cook one or two new things every month. Make it your mission, it will take your mind off of all of the bad things going on. Invite some friends to enjoy your gluten-free meals together. I do hope you get out of this bad place and you get to enjoy life. Lots of hugs go out to you.
  14. I have a bag or two of Bob's Red Mill gluten-free Flour. I am one of those people who can immediately pick out the bean flavor when I use it in baked goods, but I originally bought a bunch of it because it was on sale. Too bad, because the texture it produces is really nice. Does anybody have any recipes where they can stand the taste of the flour? I'm wondering if bread or anything else not meant to be sweet would taste better...Just thought I would ask. We are moving soon, so anything that we are not planning on using in the future will preferably be eaten before we move.
  15. Had one on Saturday!!! Thought it tasted like Udi's. It was so exciting to go to a restaurant and eat a hamburger on a BUN!! Now if they could only cook their french fries in gluten-free oil, I'd be in heaven!!
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