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  1. wow, thank you for the wonderful answers. i don't feel so bad now for missing school because i always get my work turned in and i keep my grades up (i was just recently accepted to upenn!) i didn't expect such quick responses, but it is greatly appreciated (: p.s. - i am a huge spongebob fan... and i just thought it would make for a silly name.
  2. I miss a lot of school because of my celiac disease. I was just recently diagnosed and for the last three years I have had horrible diarrhea and nausea, and paralyzing cramping that lasts all day. I am starting the gluten free journey, but I haven't seen a nutritionist yet and the cramping/diarrhea/nausea remains.. My teachers and principle are all aware of the condition, as well as my parents, but I still feel guilty about missing school. Sometimes my dad gives me grief if I'm in the bathroom all night/morning, and I can tell my teachers are annoyed that they have to grade make up work. However, I get all of my work done and manage to stay on the honor roll even if I miss 2 days of school a week. How do I stop feeling so guilty about this? Is there anyone else out there who often misses work/school because of celiac? I want to know I'm not the only person so I can show my dad that other people go through this, too. And, if any teachers happen to look at this, is it difficult having a student who often misses school (even if they make up the work on time)?
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