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  1. Part of why MSG is on the list of foods to avoid for celiacs is that many celiacs also react to MSG. MSG is gluten-free, but many people still have trouble with it. I've not been diagnosed with celiac, but I've clearly discovered that wheat/gluten bothers me through an elimination diet. That said, I've consumed chinese food with MSG in it and have had the same bloaty, yucky reaction. So, I guess what I would do (sorry I'm so late in replying!) is see if you notice a similar reaction to eating other foods with MSG in the ingredients. If you do, that is one more thing to add to the do-not eat list. I just made a wonderful homemade chinese white sauce tonight - totally gluten free. I bet you can find something easy and great to make at home through a google search. Or I can gladly share. I modified a recipe in my 1001 chinese recipes cookbook. So sorry that happened to you!
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