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  1. I'd like to add a digestive enzyme to my son's diet. I'd love recommendations on ones you have found that the kids liked and were good quality. Also, right now he's on a chewable probiotic. Is any probiotic better than another? Thanks!
  2. That's the truth!! I get the impression my ped thinks I'm over reacting a bit and they've never offered the test no matter how many times I've complained about his symptoms. But I'm making the appt and simply going to insist on the blood work. A mom knows when something is wrong and I'm not leaving without the tests
  3. My 4 year old son is scheduled for GI testing in April. We could not get in any sooner. However, he is miserable and has stomache aches evey day. It seems like he's sick every time he eats. I feel strongly that it is gluten and to be honest, even if tests came back neg for Celiac I would still remove gluten. I have not done it yet because everyone has told me that if I take him off gluten now, all of his tests will be wrong. But I can't wAit. It's really hard as a mom. Can any pediatrician do blood work to at least get an idea of things in the meantime while we wait for the Gi? I plan to call on Monday, of course, but looking for advice from you guys too. Thanks so much.
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