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  1. I have several intolerances and sensitivities to chemicals and food. I knew I was sensitive to wine, but I had a dinner on Tuesday night that had wine in the sauce (which was not specified on the menu). I immediately had trouble swallowing and felt like passing out. I had no idea what I was having was a true allergic reaction so treated it with Benedrly and went home. I UNDERSTAND that was stupid and I could have died. The next day I went to dr's who told me to take 2 benedryl every 8 hours for 3 days. Thursday night I was in ER with tight throat and headache. They gave me IV and steroid shot. Also perscription for prednesone and advised to keep taking benedryl. I never had hives or itching anywhere. My only symtoms at the initial reaction were throat tightness, headache and about to pass out. I have not been able to swallow food since the incident. When I try, I *panic* and get an instant headache. I am drinking water and diluted OJ and some organic applesauce. QUESTION: Will this sensation eventually go away? I feel ok otherwise. I feel energetic and really have no other symptoms besides the "panic attacks" when I try to swallow food. If this is a true sulfa allergy, how do you live? I mean I have intolerances to wheat and corn, tomato and sesame, as well as chemical sensitivities to most everything. The sulfa is the only one that now appears to be serious, life threatening. Any advice??
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