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  1. Hi ladies, I'm new here because my naturopath has just put me on a gluten-free diet for my LS. I'm now 34, diagnosed at 27 after my first baby, but I've likely had LS since puberty as that was when I had the burning / itching symptoms which I don't have now. I was told I have an advanced case of LS and didn't even require a biopsy to confirm (have since had one and confirmed). My LS symptoms are fisures and labia fusing with splitting and bleeding during intercourse. Since my diagnosis I have been on: progesterone, estrogen, testosterone - none of which helped. I had surgery to remove scar tissue in 2006 (which has returned) and I am now on clobetasol and Protopic which are keeping me under control with a decrease in fisure splitting and scar patches are less white and appear to be more "stretchy". I have just started with a naturopth who insists that ANYONE with autoimmune disease should be gluten-free, so that's why I'm here. Anyone noticed an improvement with Gluten-Free?? (I might also try dairy-free, but not getting too far ahead of myself at this point). I will be going for celiac testing shortly.
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