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  1. Its been 3 years gluten and dairy free... feeling GREAT!... but do you think I can figure out how to post anymore! LOL :P Pffffft!

    1. kareng


      You can use the "reply button" but you have to type something in at the bottom of the quote that shows & THEN hit post. You just posted a copy of the "quote" or post from before.

    2. CaliSparrow


      I'm one year and five months in and very glad to hear of your positive results!

  2. When I finally got brave enough to try eating out, my husband and I went to PF Chang's which is fabulous in downtown Sacramento and Roseville, if you're near there...give it a try! They use special plates with PF Chang's logo on them to signify gluten free. The waiters are all trained, and immediately...
  3. For me, generally I have symptoms in 12 to 24 hours if its gluten, and usually feel really crummy for 2-3 days, and semi crummy at days 4-5 ...and then pretty much back to good again. Something to remember and think about is that if you react to something immediately to within 2-3 hours at the...
  4. Tonight we had Pork Ribs and Sauerkraut... YUM! It's an old family recipe handed down for generations... and sooooo good! It felt like a good night for some German cuisine! As my mom says... you have to serve it with baked squash and of course applesauce... its THE LAW! lol
  5. Have you ever noticed issues with dairy? This will cause huge bloating and gas, also.
  6. I'M just curious :>)...how are you doing today??

  7. Thanks for double checking the centrum vitamins. I thought I read somewhere before that they couldn't guarantee they were gluten free and since you have to take them everyday, it is so important that they can say they 100% gluten free. Love your profile picture! :)