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  1. I actually feel a bit more normal now. You have described me to a T. I also experienced the peak shortly after going gluten-free, and was very excited, but then the valley again. It is good to hear that it will get better! I had a vitamin D panel done and my D levels were bottomed out. I have been started on a good VD oil (health food store) and I do think it is helping! Maybe we can figure this out together (I am newly diagnosed and trying to find my way . . .)
  2. I was recently diagnosed and am just trying to get my bearings and came across this site! I am so happy I could cry . . . I have so many questions, and yet feel I'm so 'green' I'm not even sure what questions I should be asking. Short of a diagnsis - of which I basically handed to the doctors after years of being sick, at times quite seriously - the doctors haven't been much help at all. So I have become an internet junkie! SO happy to have "found" you!
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