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  1. Here is a fabulous site about thyroid managemnet http://www.stopthethyroidmadness.com/
  2. I used this and it was great! Especially throught the hypolori recovery.
  3. Thanks for that! Yes it does make it hard to figure things out! This Celiac just loves throwing curve ball at you!
  4. How did you go with check up with the Dr? This is all very interesting, I have never thought about clots and celiac but I am now! I have Antithrombin Deficency, which is an increase risk of clots, I cant take asprin and I chose not to take the other thinning meds as being on them long term causes artery hardening, so I try to keep my blood thin naturally, I will certainly be paying a much closer attention from now on.
  5. I have Been gluten free for just over a year now and I'm still a work in progress but I was wondering when glutened can there be a delay to the effects from it? Gluten seems to affect my hormonal/nervous system the most more so than digestive and I've had a shocker last 2 weeks and worked out that before christmas I was having icypoles that had gluten in them! but the reaction wasnt straight away but days later.
  6. Have you checked all labels on what you ate? I'm not sure where you are but hash browns can have a coating,and chck the meat sauce too, but you did have a fair bit of dairy which can make you sick as well, Its hard sometimes to know what is making you feel yuk.
  7. He everyone, Some interesting info here http://www.(Company Name Removed - They Spammed This Forum and are Banned)/gluten-free-society-blog/gluten-and-thryoid-hormone-is-there-a-connection/
  8. I use the Maisell one, I think its not long been out, its a bit watery but mixed with cooking juices it tastes ok
  9. have been reading up on Zinc Carnosine for help with healing the gut, I've just started using it heres some info on it Study points to zinc carnosine's role in gut health By Clarisse Douaud, 26-Feb-2007 Related topics: Research, Minerals, Gut health Zinc carnosine could protect the gastrointestinal system according to a study conducted in the United Kingdom. Researchers sought to examine the potential for this ingredient, which is marketed for gastric health, for gut repair. The study, published in the current issue of Gut journal, was performed at Barts in London and the Queen Mary's School of Medicine and Dentistry. The study found zinc carnosine has biological activity in the gut. "Importantly, these effects were seen at concentrations likely to be found in participants taking the product as a health food supplement," says the study. The research included in vitro studies using pro-migratory and proliferation assays of human colonic, rat intestinal epithelial and canine kidney epithelial cells. The clinical trial involved ten healthy volunteers who participated in randomized crossover trials comparing changes in gut permeability prior to, and following, five days of indomethacin treatment with zinc carnosine or placebo coadministration. Participants were given 50mg of indomethacin three times daily and 37.5mg of zinc carnosine twice daily. "Our find that (in the placebo arm) five days of treatment with indomethacin caused a threefold rise in gut permeability is in keeping with previous results of ours and of other groups," wrote the researchers. "By contrast, when participants also received ZnC, this prevented the rise in permeability caused by indomethacin, strongly suggesting a small-intestinal protective effect." The zinc carnosine was found to stabilize gut mucosa. According to the study, the compound stimulated an approximately threefold migration and proliferation of cells in a dose-dependent manner. Oral supplementation was also found to decrease gastric and small intestinal injury. Reference: Gut 2007;56:168-175. Title: "Zinc carnosine, a health food supplement that stabilizes small bowel integrity and stimulates gut repair processes." Authors: Mahmood, A et al. This content is copyright protected However, if you would like to share the information in this article, you may use the headline, summary and link below: Study points to zinc carnosine's role in gut health Zinc carnosine could protect the gastrointestinal system according to a study conducted in the United Kingdom. http://www.nutraingredients.com/Research/Study-points-to-zinc-carnosine-s-role-in-gut-health
  10. Hi diandliam, If I had known how sick the antibiotics would have made me I think I wouldnt have taken them! They just stipped everything out of my system. but I am on the mend! I just have weird like feeling of being poked with a broom handle in my stomach or its feeling tight its hard to explain not pain as in cramp or anything, its not there all the time and I was thinking that its maybe the ulcer healing, I have none of the burning or nausea ect anymore and feel really good. I have been gluten free for 12 months now after what seems a lifetime of drs and no answers, I came across Celiac Disease on the net and I couldnt believe that any drs would have thought to test for this, so I decided to give it a go and well the results were pretty much instant! i was starting to feel normal again, but not quite and thats when I was tested for H Pylori a month ago, my poor digestive system has had a rough life lol
  11. I,m hoping someone can help with some info on what it feels like when stomach ulcers are healing. I have H Pylori and have been treated with the antibiotic route, but I'm now going through my natropath at the moment. I have an ulcer from it, and while I feel great now I still get feelings of someone poking me in the stomach or a tighteness there, and I was wondering what it feels like when an ulcer is healing and how long it takes?
  12. Thanks for the links! I was hoping to be able to get some in Australia as it takes so long to get here!
  13. Hello everyone, I am trying to now cope with this H Pylori bug! I have done the antibiotic path, which near on killed me! but my digestive system is still not calming down, I want to try some mastic gum but I'm having probs getting it, I'm in Australia, Does anyone know where to get it? And what is the best one to get. Thanks
  14. I'm not a pill person either but I'm going through the Helobactor Pylori treatment uggh I will be glad when thats finished! I think it was very fortunate that the person found such a great doctor, I know myself when my digestive system is happy so is the rest of my body!
  15. I found this on another forum, it is a long read but interesting. http://ausbb.com/general-health-welbeing-meditation-spirituality/11915-depression-journey-patients-perspective.html
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