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  1. padma

    Labeled gluten-free But Really Not

    As you read through this section you will find lots of references to product names that should help. You will also find...
  2. http://www.cornucopia.org/2011/08/canada%E2%80%99s-new-organic-products-office-fields-beefs-over-transparency/#more-...
  3. padma

    Work Week Random Cc

    Hi. It took some research but here is the ingredient list I found: ToxicFree® Ingredients Stabilized Oxygen, (Sodium ...
  4. The Fasano study eliminated the super sensitives in their statistical analysis because they couldn't finish the study...
  5. Another thing to eliminate in testing ourselves is skin care products that have chemicals in them. I have DH AND I am...
  6. padma

    Work Week Random Cc

    There are some excellent evaluations and discussion on The Canary Report about respirators and masks. There is a search...
  7. There is another unknown in this corn issue... most corn is now GMO. There are European studies showing problems with...
  8. padma

    Cross-Contamination Realities- Grits

    Chinese food has been off my list for a long time. Too risky. Even "wheat free" soy sauce usually has some wheat! Ugh...
  9. padma

    Im Sick

    I rarely will eat any salad dressing at a restaurant. If you look at the labels of most salad dressings you will see...
  10. Hi. Just reading your gluten challenge made me queasy. You must remember that you have done what is the standard for...
  11. Thanks for finding this. It is excellent. Note that the FDA research has found that 1 ppm is what is recommended by researchers...
  12. This is accurate thinking. The skewed stats ARE being used to set standards. I find it interesting that I would write...
  13. padma

    Gluten Free Toiletries

    I went to www.ewg.org/skindeep and put my products into their data base to find out if they contained any carcinogens...
  14. I forgot to add this info that the CDF sent to me: Celiac Center