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About Me

Genetic inheritance from both sides of family

Dad died of bleeding intestinal ulcer connected with Celiac

Aunt on other side died of intestinal cancer (tumor) and Celiac

Diagnosed 2001

Granddaughter just diagnosed Celiac

Dairy, most nuts except almonds, shellfish, and other allergies


Pituitary dysfunction

Had a "sensitive stomach" with continual stomach aches and D as a kid

Been gluten free 10 years

  1. One of the reasons you may be getting sick from beans may not be the gluten. I just found out all beans are fumigated. That is a pesticide gas that it says "mostly" evaporates in 5 min after exposing the food. If residues remain, which I think they do, and they are oil soluble, it might not wash off very easily. I have started washing all rice and beans 2 - 4 times now and only buying organic. I think they are also fumigating organic beans if they come from outside the country.
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