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  1. Kimmik95

    Should Dd Be Tested?

    If you think it's a possibility - have the blood test done to see if that comes back positive. If it doesn't then she...
  2. Kimmik95

    How Young Was Your Child Diagnosed?

    That's interesting you say that because my son had horrible issues with gas pains as an infant. He was fed EBM for about...
  3. Kimmik95

    How Young Was Your Child Diagnosed?

    Thanks for the post. Everything I've researched and have discussed with doctors has indicated that the full gulten...
  4. Kimmik95

    How Young Was Your Child Diagnosed?

    Thanks for the info.
  5. My 7 year old son has Celiac Disease and was diagnosed 11/2010. I just recently had a baby with Down Syndrome, so...
  6. Kimmik95

    Movie Theatre Popcorn?

    Ingredient-wise, the popcorn should be fine - we don't let Chris have it because of cross contamination issues. If someone...
  7. Kimmik95

    What Symptoms Did You See In Your Little One?

    My son was just diagnosed a few months ago. His main complaint was joint pain, but he did have occassional belly pains...
  8. My son (he'll be 7 in a few days) was diagnosed a few months ago with celiac disease and the diagnosis all came about...
  9. Thanks for the response. I think I'm just going to play it all by ear. Now I know to watch out for the breastmilk at...
  10. Kimmik95

    Does My Son Appear To Have celiac disease?

    Honestly, I had no idea what celiac disease was. I took my son in to his pediatrian because he was having joint pain...
  11. Kimmik95

    Intestinal Bleeding

    Is your daughter on a gluten free diet? I'm not sure I understand how she would be diagnosed over the phone. My son...
  12. Kimmik95

    Does My Son Appear To Have celiac disease?

    My son is 6 and was recently diagnosed with celiac disease. Although it's nice to actually have the diagnosis, what...
  13. Kimmik95

    Child's Behavior

    She may have physical symptoms that she's not vocalizing or doesn't realize are there. My son had very mild physical...
  14. Kimmik95

    Help A Gluten Free Preschool Teacher

    I agree with the other poster - turn your class as gluten free as you can. As long as you wash your hands after using...
  15. Kimmik95

    Shelf Stable gluten-free Foods For Travel

    We are planning a trip to Cancun in May, so I'm thinking through the same type of things. Many canned baked beans...