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  1. a really popular thing to say is "Live Love Laugh" or "Peace Love Happieness" junk like that,,,,,,n i used 2 B uber obssesive about twilight n so i replaced one of the words with twilight. i dont feel like making a new account but if i were to change the name it would probably b "Crapablity" a YouTube username i made out of neccestity of one not consitsing of random letters and numbers, or something haviing 2 do w/ ninjas!!!!!
  2. now we're getting creepy......O.o that is exactly the order of my friends fav words....but theres no way u can be her since she is 12
  3. a few- Stabby- feeling violent in a funny way "I'm feelin' STABBY today!!" ZQA- this is hilarious, my friends were fighting over typing something in the school computer and came up with this word----it means nothing and everything at the same time. favorite version- "Shut the ZQA up!!" and these 2 from my little bro-- Boop Rwag (a-hm-vomit rag for the moms shoulder) and a "hair dude" he cant pronouce thigs very well, and calls his "hair do" that......
  4. Wooooooow. that was...... wow. did u make that??? gluten makes me feel like that all the time
  5. i totally understand that.....sumtimes kids dont like being "speical treatment" cuz of differences (food allergy, gender, age, etc.) i think the best thing 2 do is hav him do the stuf, i remember wen my bro was young he always wanted his toes painted when i got mine dun!!!! LOL but maybe the best thing 2 do wuld B 2 not invite him......? i understand if he is like the child of a close fam friend er sumthin, but this is a "girls" party, not a mixed sooooooooo yah.....hope this helps
  6. i no, honestly i can say that about any book turned into a movie (Charolette's Web anyone??) but this is a much bigger examination than any other book/movie thing. especially because it is pretty hard 2 turn a 600-page book into a 2-hour movie, they hav 2 cut out a lot of diaglouge n important parts...its also easier to follow in the books, i found myself explaining the whole Eclipse plot 2 my BFF after we watched it.....she hasnt read that one yet!!
  7. im srry i dont speak whtvr language that is!!!! LOL ive nvr heard uv like any uv those!!!!! intristing, though
  8. lol u should really try the books, though. the movies do them no justice!!
  9. Ohmigosh! seriously?!?!?!?! that is soooooooo AWESOME!! coolio!! id really like her acting dat much bu shes pwetty!!!!
  10. weeeeell that is stinky that u dont hav twi i hvnt heard of buffy or angel....wut is that???? kk well thx 4 replying!!!
  11. You most likely have Celiac disease, and also a dairy-intolarnce. i would probably look up more info on both of the allegery, and also i know on Celiac, it never goes away, its an actual disease, and you cant just stop the diet. i dont know about your arm...there is no cure for Celiac, i know, its sux.....but i would take Docs advice, and continue the diet. Love
  12. PS i also posted that comment on the Feb 19, 2011 (AKA the same day u posted this one.)
  13. um, actually i eat these candies all the time, they r my favorites so u dont really no wut ur talking about
  14. OK so i luv 2 play matchmaker w/ relationships, n friends. i jus wanted 2 reccomend u 2 another vegetarian celaic, whose username is "gfteen" u might want 2 contact her/him, if ur interested. (also there is a DELICOUS bread that tastes sum like the real thing, by the brand "Udi's")
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