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    desinging dresses, drawing, dancing

About Me

HEY :) I don't really know what to say but here are some basics "about me". . .

COLOR: orange

ANIMAL: sea lions! <3


FOR FUN: dance, design

FRIENDS: whoever wants to be! :)

  1. Welcome to the site Twilight! I am more of an Angel or Buffy fan myself. Guess we do need some diversity around here tho. :-) I hope you enjoy your time here and learn lots from us moldy old celiacs. :-)

  2. hey i am the oppistie-i LOVE baked goods!! i have found a lot of good types of muffins, bagels, and bread from a brand named Udi's. I really like it and reccomend u try it!! Hope that helped
  3. Hey!! I have Celiac n ive had it 4. . .6 years now i think. . .i was little when i got it so i dont remember so much about it, but lately it's been challenging and i kept being like "SERIOUSLY?!" when my bros got a cookie or treat and i couldnt hav it, but lately its been a lot better. i realize...
  4. FALSE Reese's ARE gluten free, and always has been!! Those customer represetntatives apparantly have no clue what they are talking about!! I just had a Reese's today, and it was a recent one-the Valentine's Day one. Possibly they update them a lot, maybe they did. I also very highly doubt that there...
  5. Glad i found a website to share my Celiac thoughts with others who understand!