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  1. I've been to Bonefish several times with no problems. Mostly Chicago area, but I've also gone there when traveling. Staff seems to be well-trained, and the food is good.
  2. Bonefish Grill is another chain, run by the same company as Outback, and they do a good job with gluten free as well. Bit more expensive, though.
  3. "There's also a brewery that does a strawberry beer that 's really nice (I can't remember the name of it)." - It's probably Dogfishhead - they have a strawberry-based gluten free beer called Tweason Ale. Pretty good if you like fruity beers.
  4. Best tasting gluten-free beer I've had, hands down, is from Harverster Brewing - which is a dedicated gluten free brewery in Portland, OR. You can find it in Oregon and Washington - maybe in California, but I'm not sure. You can order online, too - www.harvesterbrewing.com. They have both an IPA...
  5. McCormick's whole, one ingredient spices are all gluten free, but my husband called them recently (researching an unexplained glutening) and they told him that they do make products on shared equipment, so it's possible to get some contamination. That said, I doubt that the McCormick spices caused...
  6. I'm getting married next September and we're considering honeymoon locations. We've been looking a lot at central/south america - partly because it seems like it's easy to be gluten-free down there. Europe is another possibility - especially Italy, Spain or Greece. I travel to Europe frequently...
  7. I've experienced dizziness - usually first thing in the morning so I thought it was low blood sugar. But it went away after going gluten free.