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  1. Yeah, I really didn't like that doctor. He made me feel stupid every time I went to see him about something. I really like my new doctor, but I don't see him that much. I will tomorrow, though.
  2. Oh, man! I've had chest pains right around the sternum area. It felt like something was squeezing my chest in that area. I've had those since I was a teenager. I thought they might just be a panic attack, but I've noticed that they have happened when I haven't had any stress at all. Although, many times they happened when I was having quite a bit of stress. I haven't had one for about a year now. One doctor told me I had pleurisy, and he suggested just taking ibuprofen when it happens.
  3. I've already told him that I will keep up the gluten free diet. He'll just have to deal with it. If I test positive for it, I will most definitely get both my daughters tested.
  4. I actually leave quite a bit not done. I pretty much do go to sleep once the kids are in bed, if I don't pass out on the couch trying to watch a movie with him. I've actually been talking to his cousin, who has gone through the whole process of being tested for celiac. She doesn't have it, but she understands how serious it could be. She's the one that really convinced me last week to make an appointment. I'm so glad this forum exists! I don't feel like I'm going nuts. I think my husband is so skeptical at this point, because I had pretty bad heart palpitations and chest pains. I wore a heart monitor for a day, but there was nothing abnormal on it. He might think this is just something similar to that, and it's all in my head.
  5. Thanks everyone. Actually, we've been married for 13 years, and we do have 2 daughters. Although, I lost an awful amount of hair during one of the pregnancies and was horribly anemic the whole time. My youngest one has constant headaches and stomach pains, which is part of the reason I started looking into celiac. My grandmother had early osteoporosis, a benign tumor 10 lb. tumor in her abdomen, hair loss and full gray hair in her 20's. I think she may have had it. My aunt was diagnosed with osteoporosis in her early 50's. I've just been so fatigued lately, and it's so hard to even think straight. It's even affecting my speech. I've always had a little bit of a stammer, but now I sometimes struggle to even come up with the word I want to say. I just draw a blank! I know my husband sounds like a jerk, but he's just very uneducated about celiac. It's still just a very new possibility. I mean, I haven't even seen the doctor about it, yet. I think I'll just wait to see how the tests come back before I embark on educating my family.
  6. Hi! I'm new here, and I am going to my doctor to talk to him about getting tested for celiac tomorrow. I seem to have many of the symptoms, but no one in my family has ever been diagnosed (but early onset osteoporosis, schizophrenia, depression, thyroid and other diseases run in the family). I'm also getting my hearing check, because I've had awful tinnitus for the past year or two. I just wish I could have some "peace and quiet". I naturally eat gluten-free, just because it makes me feel good, so last week I was very strict with it. After several days, I started feeling so much better (I'm back to eating gluten, for the sake of getting tested. Ugh.) However, my husband thinks I'm nuts. He even tried to get me to eat something with gluten in it, when I was "off", and was laughing about it. I mentioned again this morning how relieved I was to go get tested and find out if I have it, and he laughed at me again. I told him that he would feel bad, if I had it. He just said that it's not something that's going to kill me, so why should he feel bad. It made me pretty angry. I just feel really alone in this search for answers and horribly sad. How does everyone else handle others when they're completely unsupportive?
  7. Thanks so much! I will definitely take that list with me to the visit. I only started researching celiac this past week, so all of this is very new to me. If that's really what I have, then it certainly explains so much about my life. We'll just have to see what the test results say. Right now, everyone just thinks I'm crazy, and that I was just too bored being snowed in my house for a couple weeks. I really think that things came to a head during the snow storms, because everything we had to eat in the house had so much gluten in it. I felt so horrible! I normally naturally eat gluten free, anyway, so that hasn't been too much of a change for me. A cousin of my husband went through celiac testing, and she helped convince me to get tested. Again, thanks for the list. I'm very excited that I found this forum!
  8. Hi everyone! I am going to my doctor on Monday to see if I can get tested for celiac (and to have my hearing tested, too). I've been gluten-free for several days, and I feel great now! My husband thinks I'm nuts. My question right now is, should I start eating gluten again before my doctor's appointment? I'm not sure when/if he'll test me. The thought of going back to gluten freaks me out. I'm 36, married and have two amazing daughters. I see some symptoms in my youngest, which has prompted me to find answers. Here's some of my history: -symptoms from the past 4-5 years includes: psoriasis on both my index fingers, occasional diarrhea and stomach pain/cramping (not at all consistent, though), horrible memory, lack of concentration, depression, extreme fatigue, hair loss, migraines, weight gain (because I feel like I need to be eating constantly!) - all which is starting to go away with eating gluten-free -some family history includes: brother that was diagnosed with schizophrenia (so horrible, it was the worst), aunt that was diagnosed with osteoporosis in her early 50's, diabetes. As for myself, I always had anemia (grandma used to dose me up pretty good with her Geritol!), discolored adult teeth, horrible growing pains. I just don't know when to go back on gluten for testing. Should I wait to talk to him first?
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