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  1. I was diagnosed with celiac disease two years ago, I've done pretty well on a gluten free diet even though my house still isn't gluten free. I always used to get skin rashes while I was baking or messing around in the kitchen and I never really though anything of it. Figured I just had sensitive skin. I hadn't had that problem in awhile because I didn't want to ingest the gluten so wasn't baking anything that wasn't gluten free. Yesterday I was baking oatmeal cookies for my brother and I got some of the flour on my hand and arm. It broke out in a rash and itched, I washed it off but then had my usualy gluten reaction of a headache. Now I'm sure that in cooking I could have inhaled some of the flour but that wouldn't explain the rash because I've never gotten that from eating gluten before. In addition I also have a skin reaction to barley, we've known about that one for ages. I can't touch it. I was wondering if anyone else had a similar problem?
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