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      Frequently Asked Questions About Celiac Disease   04/07/2018

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  1. So here I was microwaving some wheat bran because I was revamping my meal worm colonies; (I grow them for chicken treats) the container melted so not thinking I scooped it up with my hands and put it into another container. OMG I am soooo sore today and I couldnt figure out why...DUH! Just had to vent! T
  2. A Little On The Frivilous Side...

    What I'd like to know is why are you all losing weight and I am GAINING? I have never had a weight problem in my life (I'm 49) and lately I am seeing the scale creep up and up! It is just a little scary. Terri O
  3. SO I cook at a retirement facility and I need to taste test some stuff occasionally that I obviously cannot eat. I am wondering what the consensus is on testing pasta? If I bite it and rinse my mouth do you think I would be contaminated? What about a soup or sauce? If I taste a little in the "front" of my mouth, spit it out and rinse; does it still get in my system if I never actually swallow any of it? Sometimes I have another person in the kitchen with me that can test but lately there has been only me. This is really tough...Thanks! Terri O
  4. This thread makes me wonder...I just bought a bunch of Hershey's cause they were 4/$1. Guess I will get them out of the "secret stash" and let the fam eat them up! Terri O
  5. At our deli there is a big sign that says Klements products are Gluten free. And they are made right here in WI! I dont eat that type of meat but thought it interesting. Terri O
  6. Wow! I thought my big D was bad! I am praying that you find out what is wrong really soon! Keep your chin up (whoever thought of that statement?)We are all thinking of you I am sure. Terri O
  7. Anyone From Wisconsin?

    Hey I sent you a PM! Pondy and I have been wanting to get together to go to Madison...maybe we can all go? Terri O
  8. Ok, Not To Be A Total Skeptic...

    Shauna--that is a very scary article to me...I am glad I read it though--thanks. There is another guy with the same views the "Dogter" I think he is called; a vet with Celiacs. He has many interesting things to say also...I wonder if I will ever be "truly healed?" TErri O
  9. I never thought about this but I never cared for bananas. I ate maybe one a year. Now that I am gluten-free I have probably eaten more of them in a month than in my whole life! Thinking of them doesnt make me feel ill any more...and now I can eat apples too! Weird! Terri O
  10. There are some things that I will do: whipped creme chocolate Easter eggs from (damn I cant remember the brand) at Walgreen's...shared equipment, but I eat them maybe 1 a week with no problems. I called Bergen Nut Co and they said no dont do it...so I dont. I figure the company should know how much contamination is possible and if they tell me No--I dont chance it! Terri o
  11. WOW=great list! I am printing that off right now! So do you think they actually list the wheat, barley or rye that you have in parenthesis? I have read so many cosmetics labels and have never even seen anything like wheat or barley listed. I use all Melaleucca stuff and the cleaning supplies are all gluten-free but they said they couldnt comment of the make up stuff! Terri O
  12. I take IB for mine...it doesnt seem to do anything to my stomach...but I dont take it a whole lot. HTH Terri O
  13. What Do You Miss?

    Ditto on the Redbridge....New Grist isnt too terribly bad but it still isnt BEER. Now I am looking to find Greene's...supposed to have 3 flavors including a dark!
  14. So What Is Your Weakness?

    Beer...it's got to be beer! A nice dark chocolate oatmeal stout that is now the feature of the week from a local brewery here....MMMMMMMM--OK STOP! It's 11 in the morning! For food it is barley...love that silky mouthfeel in a good soup. Fast food...Kentucky fried chicken or Culver's chicken...not sure how I am going to get along without that! Terri O
  15. Anyone From Wisconsin?

    THanks for the Welcome Pondy! Yes there are supposed to be quite a few places in Madison. I have been referred to the "Silly Yak" bakery...isnt that a great name? I am about 25 minutes from East Towne Mall East of Lake Mills. I would certainly welcome a copilot going to Madison! I seem to always get turned around finding new places...although I am getting much better in that town now that my daughter goes to the University there! Terri O