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  1. Just diagnosed with Uveitis in one eye. I am already gluten-free since +blood test 2 years ago.
  2. When we were trying to conceive after 2 wonderful babies and then 3 consecutive miscarriages (likely celiac related I now know) I found another forum "bellybelly" to be, like here, a wealth of information. It really helps chatting with people who are in the same situation as you. And it was so cool to see people who were lamenting "is this ever going to happen?" posting that they were pregnant. It was great to have support each month from people who were just as nuts as I was in "the two week wait" waiting to be able to test and then also have someone who understands when it is negative or someone you can tell right away when it is positive.
  3. They could choose to do the same thing with dairy, or eggs. No child is safe with the attitudes they had shown. I love your quote!
  4. Would this not be a case of abuse, or assault? Intentionally causing harm. You explained she couldn't have these things because it would hurt her and they then intentionally (although they agreed otherwise!) gave it to her. And now she is hurt! I am so mad for you!! The mommma bear in me wants to go tear a strip off them and make them understand exactly what they have done. If they had said they weren't able to follow your instructions you wouldn't have left her there. Why do they think they know more than you about YOUR child?
  5. I do think you need the Dr to read these results again. It looks like pretty much all of them fall out (or almost) out of the normal ranges. You need to go back with test in hand to ask again. What any of it means is beyond me but the practice of getting copies of your tests is a smart one.
  6. When I meet "celiacs" who feel like they can cheat once in a while. I immediately wonder if their Dr actually told them that and when. If I had listened to the Dr who diagnosed me(4 1/2 months ago) I would have "continued eating gluten until the symptoms got worse, and not tested my kids until they were 12 because a gluten-free diet can effect growth" Oh, and "eating rye bread because many celiacs can tolerate rye!" ?????? REALLY?!! Thank God for the internet and this forum. I'm not sure how you explain to them that they are wrong and they need a new Dr and that they are hurting themselves. And eating a gluten-free diet is "Too hard!" What a load of crap.
  7. Jungle

    I Need Help From Other Aussies! :(

    It seems more than a little extreme to expel you for being actually sick. Asking for a meeting with you, your parents, and administration to make sure that the school has a clear understanding of your health. (I'd paint a vivid picture of exactly why you can't be in class and exactly how hard you try to avoid gluten so they understand it is not because you want a donut.) If the school is still stuck on expelling you for being sick go up the administration ladder and keep going up. I have had good results as a last resort with the media. When the newspaper phones them to comfirm that they are expelling a student who behaves well, and does the work, but has a disease that sometimes prevents you from living your life and attending school. They might decide to back down. Good luck.
  8. Jungle

    Heat Wave Is Wearing Me Out

    We were whining that we haven't got any summer yet. And then I saw the news about the heat wave. I think I'll just put a sweater on and get over it. That looks too hot for me. But would one nice day be too much to ask for. For the last 6 weeks we haven't had anything over 20c and it has rained everyday. I keep expecting to see the leaves change colour.
  9. Yikes, I hate it when they don't do what they say they are going to do. I think because you've only been gluten-free for such a short time I'd eat gluten and lots of it for a week or so before testing. There is a good flow chart by the mayo clinic to diagnose celiacs on this forum. Print it and take it with you so you don't have any more problems at the Drs.
  10. I gained 10 lbs in the first two months (and wasn't trying to gain or lose) Now after 4 months gluten-free we are back to normal again.
  11. If you are delaying gluten until a year you have delayed it about 5-7 months. So it takes the same amount of time just the child is a little older. It seems to me to be mostly the same. Only so many kids don't have gluten issues even in celiac predisposed kids.
  12. Jungle

    Ttc With Pcos And Celiac

    On the TTC front I found another forum "Bellybelly" to bet full of helpful people like here. It is nice to have support from people in the same situation as yourself. Wishing you much luck on your baby wishes!
  13. Jungle

    Dairy Queen?

    I have my own ice cream maker and the biggest problem is it tastes so awesome I eat way, way too much. My family has no idea how much it actually makes.
  14. Although not LDS, but Christian, I was bring a piece of bread and then bringing it out at the appropriate time for the past few months. Last week my pastor asked about how to make the communion bread for everyone gluten-free. I was surprised and happy to be included.
  15. Jungle

    Celiac And Alopecia?

    Too bad we can't selectively choose where to lose the hair.