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    Disaster Work, quilting, reading, studying food so I don't get sick!
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    Land of the Boise State Broncos
  1. All I have to say is DON'T EAT the pizza! I haven't had a bad reaction to gluten since last Christmas and some of my other food triggers had gone away so I lied to myself about my sensitivity. I started feeling super fatigued, but excused it away with stress and such (while continuing to eat the...
  2. I LOVE the area up here! I do homeschool. I love it. It was so much better for my kids.They are loving it. Don't you love all the stereotypes about homeschoolers? I just have to laugh when I hear some of the things people think. :)

  3. I am up in Hayden Lake. The greener area of Idaho ;) with that said, you are in the warmer area for sure! :D

  4. I am a fellow Idahoan! You are in the South then? :D

  5. I never want to see caramel coloring again.

  6. I saw your comment about Winco on the thread about corn, and wondered where you live... then I just saw your comment on the 'What do you do thread' & you answered my question! :) I've lived in Idaho almost 11 1/2 yrs. poc'y- 3.5; Boise almost 8-- GO BRONCOS!!!!!

  7. Well, last Thursday I was an idiot and now I truly know what it is to be glutened. -All my scent allergies came back -Skin rashes and itchiness crop up -Extreme fatigue -Brain fog -Paranoia (I start questioning whether feeling better was in my head!) -Lack of motivation to do anything but...