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  1. Emma-Lee

    Whatcha Eating Today Celiacs?

    Breakfast: smoothie- non-fat plain yogurt, frozen strawberries, orange juice, honey, banana & ice Snack: hummus...
  2. I kinda agree. I don't really like Udi's. It tastes ok, but dry. I do buy it just so I have it as a choice, but I am...
  3. Emma-Lee

    Too Much At Once!

    thank you I will get this checked ASAP!
  4. Emma-Lee

    Too Much At Once!

    Thank you for the encouragement & humor- hahaha kicking the wall, yes seems painful . I do appreciate the feedback...
  5. Emma-Lee

    Too Much At Once!

    I believe this is exactly what I needed to hear! Thank you!!! I like the idea of freezing cupcakes in advance. Also keeping...
  6. Emma-Lee

    Too Much At Once!

    thank you so Much for the advice! I really needed some encouragement. SERIOUSLY, thank you. I will check out what you...
  7. I was diagnosed with Celiac Disease about 3 weeks ago. I immediately changed my diet and put a lot of energy into researching...
  8. Emma-Lee


    Hey lady! Hang in there. I think we were both diagnosed around the same time. No joking, it can be rough. Here is what...
  9. When I went gluten free (3 weeks ago) I noticed the hunger right away. YES NORMAL. What I did was make sure I was packing...
  10. Emma-Lee

    Need Help With Breakfast!

    http://www.tamaraduker.com/tag/lactose-free-yogurt/ Try this site! I would try a smoothie with lactose free yogurt...
  11. "C"!!!!!!!!!! This is why I did not think I could have Celiac. But now I know that I do....so I think either
  12. Emma-Lee

    Popcorn Addiction

    I love popcorn too! It's the best. I think the best thing is to pop it yourself. All microwave popcorns may have additives...
  13. I get really bad painful stomach pains. I almost have to crawl into a ball and it gets so bad that I cry. It is gas....
  14. thank you! This info is really helpful and I appreciate the info to. I will ask for a B12
  15. Wow! This information is amazing and has truly sparked an investigation! I will be talking to my doctor about all these...