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  1. You really need to stop babying your 37 year old adult son, maybe that's why he's crying over fast food. If he can't figure out how to buy ground beef and gluten-free french fries from the store and grill up a couple burgers with fries, then Celiac is the least of his problems. My daughter was diagnosed 6 years ago at age 2 and I was diagnosed a month later. She's 8 now and goes to birthday parties with gluten-free cupcakes and has never cried once over not being able to eat gluten. There are much worse things in this world than Celiac, it's only a change in diet. We made the adjustment and it's now second nature for both of us. There's enough good gluten-free food out there that there should be no reason to cry over fast food, sorry if it seems harsh but I would be embarrassed if my mother posted something like that about me, just sayin...
  2. I think it's normal to feel that way since you are so new to it, however as time goes on you may realize it's nice that he's so open to eating gluten-free food with you. I've been gluten-free for 5 years so I've dealt with people that can't understand why you can't have a small amount of gluten as well as really supportive people so try to keep an open mind to all sorts of different encounters. If I may add one suggestion it would be to get your own toaster and write GLUTEN FREE ONLY on it with permanent marker so you don't chance cross contamination. Good luck and keep doing the research, I promise it will get easier and become second nature quicker than you think.
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