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  1. Awesome, I like Estee Lauder. Did you find that switching to gluten-free makeup and lotion helped your symptoms? Does it help the bloating too?
  2. Hey everyone. I'm 17 years old and am self-diagnosed because my doctor just tells me I have IBS and gives me medication that does not work. Recently, I met someone who is celiac and she said my symptoms sound exactly like hers and that I should try going gluten-free, because I could have an intolerance. And what do you know, as soon as I went gluten-free, I stopped having the terrible pains, cramping, bloating, gas, and horrible bowel movements were EXTREMELY less frequent and almost gone. The only thing I have now is the fact that I look pregnant whenever I eat ANYTHING , even gluten-free fruits/veggies/nuts. I have no idea what's causing this horrible bloating. It's not painful bloating, and a lot of my pain symptoms are gone. I think it's because I'm still using non-gluten-free shampoos conditioners lotions and makeups. My question is: Will it really make that big of a difference if I switch to gluten-free bath and beauty products? Could that be what is causing this crazy bloat? What else can I do to help it?! Any suggestions are SO very appreciated.
  3. Hey everyone! Hm, where to start. I'm Olivia, I'm 17 years old and am a self-diagnosed celiac because my doc just blames IBS for everything and only did a colonoscopy..I'm still waiting on the endoscopy. I started eating gluten-free two days ago and I have NEVER, EVER, EVER felt this good, or normal for that matter. I am amazed that I can eat and not have a stomach ache and not be embarrassed of gas and my need to run to the bathroom. When choosing foods I kept questions whether things were gluten-free or not even if I knew they were because I knew that I still had a reaction to them. When I eat peanut butter, I have a reaction. I was thinking cross-contamination but sometimes even some from a new jar kills me. I just ate Kettle Cuisine southwestern chicken and corn chowder and my stomach is SO distended. I am so bloated it's insane, but I don't have the pain right now thank god. It's just that I'm sooo bloated. A few days ago when I started gluten-free nothing was giving me bloating. I was eating the gluten-free crackers and snack bars. But as soon as I ate the soup, I was done for. What could this be an intolerance to?! I also realized WHY I have so many other weird health problems. I always had yeast infections and an odor that all docs said was just "normal," until I switched to gluten-free. From the MOMENT I started eating gluten-free I had no odor or issues. My acne is clearing up, my whole body is just healthier. I suffer from anxiety and depression and can sleep easy-I feel so much happier, such less anxiety. There are countless other things I now realize were from the gluten! I was just wondering if you guys think I may have an intolerance to other things-Milk sometimes gets me too :/. Also, if you could all suggest some foods I could buy that don't have the things I may be intolerant to as well and are not just gluten-free. Thank you!!
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