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  1. hmmm i wonder if i am giving her enough fiber. I always think fiber equals more bathroom trips but i guess it could go both ways. i wonder what i can give her to be sure she is getting enough fiber in her diet. and i wonder how much is enough?
  2. My daughter is 8 and has Spina Bifida we recently went Gluten free maybe about 3 weeks now she has had the blood work done and it came back Negative for Celiac and other gastro disease. i started her on the gluten free after talking with my ex in laws and discovering that many of them in the family have Celiac so i looked into it and found it is a genetic i thought all of the symptoms seem to be pointing to it as well. At first the loose bowels stop then a week in she slipped up at school and had a hoagie and some cake and the next two days after that she had green stool. i spoke to a good friend who was Celiac and said that is common when they eat something with gluten in it. then it cleared up and she slipped up again at school on 2/14/11 and had donuts. then the loose bowel again not green this time just pasty and loose.i sat my daughter down and told her how serious this is and that she can not have these things sent in a note to school stating she is not to have gluten products. now sunday it did it again now she hasnt had any slip since that monday so why the loose bowel again. is it possible she is not Celiac and something else. i am getting so frustrated and i feel so bad for her that this is not stopping. does it take long for the loose bowel to clear?
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