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  1. HI,, so sorry about your sib.. I am almost 50 and have battled mood swings my whole life. Lately, last 2 years, I have had "anxiety attacks" in the middle of the night.. not sure this is what they are- I just feel like I can't stay still. I am a drinker, and love my beer and wine and at first attributed it to that, but soon I found out that something else was involved. I remembered from a few years back how great I felt on a high protien diet. So, back on high protein and very little carbs. One night I just had to have a bagel,,, so I did, just before bed and I HAD THE WORST NIGHT EVER/ I just wanted to jump off my roof. So that lead me to experiment--- when I had bread/cookies/sweets, I was MISERABLE ,, mostly at night. So not sure if it was sugar or gluten, my Dr. suggested I try a gluten free diet. I am now on it-- just one day, so nothing to report. I can tell you that I work with a type 1 diabetic and when she was diagnosed at 12, she went nuts and ate all the wrong stuff-- got very skinny, didn't take enough insulin. she is now 28, has the feet of an 80 year old, and her kidneys are BAD. she just rebelled against the whole diagnosis... maybe this is what is happening in your family? gluten intolerance IS SO MUCH EASIER than diabetes!
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