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  1. Hi there, I am sorry to hear your relationship is not where you would like it to be. As someone with gluten intolerance, I can only give my response from that perspective. When I started dating my now husband, almost 6 years ago, gluten intolerance was not really that heard of it. I had been sick with all the normal gluten symptoms my whole life but doctors could never find anything wrong. When I started dating my husband, he knew I was often sick, but loved me anyways, however I will say it did and still does put a strain on your relationship. Constantly being sick led us to either not go out anywhere, or know that if we went out I often got sick. (this was before I went gluten free) We generally just stayed home and watched tv because I felt so crummy. My husband used to tell me to go to the doctors and to do something about it, and I will admit it often made us argue. However, over time as I think my husband matured, he saw that his girlfriend was sick and in pain and just wanted me to get better. After I found out I had a gluten intolerance I became a different person. Once on the gluten-free diet I stopped getting so sick and my mood improved dramatically as well as our relationship. I will definitely say that going on a gluten free diet improved my relationship with my now husband and I hope it does the same for your marriage as well.
  2. 1 c. gluten free pancake mix (i used betty crockers bisquik) 1/2 c. yellow cornmeal 1 egg, beaten 3/4 c. milk Stir together. Dip franks into batter. Fry in deep hot fat. Brown on all sides.
  3. I really miss the convenience. I used to live on bagel bites, pizza rolls, and chicken nuggets.....Thought I do enjoy Bell and Evans and Applegates chicken tenders, I miss my tyson chicken... I also miss Krispy Kreme doughnuts Cheesticks Corn dogs and funnel cake from the fair Churros a good sandwich Mcdonalds cheeseburgers Wendys chicken nuggets Taco bells soft chx taco Good homemade waffles My moms homemade noodles and homemade rolls Italian and french bread from the bakery and the list goes on.....
  4. Wow. I am really loving reading this site. I have had social anxiety since I was a little kid, and no matter how hard I tried to deal with it it never worked. Interesting to think that staying on the gluten free diet may help with my anxiety. Can't wait to see what prolonged gluten free eating may do with the anxiety. My husband would be thrilled if my anxiety went away and we could actually go out without me feeling uncomfortable.
  5. Hi thanks for your reply. To clear some things up that you ask....I was still eating naturally gluten free items when we moved, but could not find gluten free flours, processed foods, snacks etc, which made it easy to cheat on my diet and eventually stop completely. SO it was more a cheating on my diet then stopping completely. Stupid I know. I have not added anything new or dramatically increased any foods in my diet.... I have simply been eating naturally gluten foods as well as prepackaged gluten free foods that I did the first time I went gluten free. I do not believe CC is an issue either despite the fact that my husband is a gluten eater. When I lived with my parents and was gluten free they both were gluten eaters. Everyone, including myself are very careful with food preparation. I actually do not keep a food diary. I started one once, and just found I did not have the time to do it every day and/or forgot to do it every time I ate something. However, what I eat remains pretty the same, so I generally remember what I ate and if I felt sick afterward. As for the dairy, I was thinking about doing that...but what I was unsure of is why the first time I went gluten free, and was gluten free for 9mths did I feel so great, and this time I still feel like crap? I was consuming dairy then as well as now, so not sure if that is an issue. Just tired of always looking bloated. Thanks for your help though
  6. Hi there, I just wanted to let you know that I was sort of in a similar position as you. when I lived at home with my parents I was gluten free for 9months. I then got married and moved to an area that barely had any gluten free options, and as we were newlyweds not alot of money to spend on the over priced foods. That being said I stopped being gluten free for 6 months. I just started back on my gluten free diet this Jan 2011... Being off my diet def made me feel sick again and alot of my symptoms returned, and I am finding it harder this second time around on my diet for my symptoms to go away. It is taking alot longer to feel better. I hope this is not the same in your case and I wish you all the luck.
  7. Hi there, I am new here as well. I am what you would call self-diagnosed. I have always felt sick my entire life. I had constant stomach aches that would have me doubled over in pain. The never ending need for sleep, even if I just slept 15hours was horrible, the list goes on and on. My doctors pretty much ignored me, and over the years I had so much blood taken, scans, and tests imaginable. I even had one doctor tell me I had a textbook anatomy. No one could find anything wrong with me and pretty much said it was all in my head. For 22 years of my life I simply believed there was nothing anyone could do and I would have to deal with feeling like crap every day. It got to the point though where I would literally sleep almost the entire day and have to drag myself to work and class. My poor boyfriend (husband now) never got to go anywhere on the weekend with me, because I constantly felt sick of tired. It def. put a strain on our relationship. Who wants to be dating the girl in college who can never go out. One day my mom happened to read something about Celiac, and so we went to the doctor and had the blood test taken to see if I had it, it came back negative. My doctor didn't want to do any other testes. I decided what the heck I will go on a gluten free diet anyways and see if it helps, maybe I am simply intolerant to it. Sure enough within 2 weeks of being Gluten free I felt so much better.
  8. Hi everyone, I am new to this site and I have a question. I have a gluten intolerance and went on a gluten free diet. I was on my diet for 9 months. When I got married I moved to a new area and gluten free items were very hard to find so I started cheating on my diet, and went off my diet for about 6months. Starting Jan 1, 2011 I decided to start back up on my gluten free diet and have not cheated once. However I have noticed a few things. When I first originally went gluten free I felt better within a couple weeks (no fatigue, bloating, stomach pain, etc) and felt great. But now that I am back on a gluten free diet after being off it for 6 months I am really not feeling any better. I still have stomach pain at least every other day, and my bloating has remained consistent. As soon as I eat something , I bloat right back up. I look like I am 5 months pregnant. Just wondering if anyone had any idea why the first time I went on the diet I felt amazing, and now the second time, I am 2 months in and do not really feel any change, esp. the bloating. Any help is appreciated. Thanks
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