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  1. They told me this based on my symptoms only. very very few doctors want to run test, they do the initial one at my first visit or they only look at my records from the previous one. I had one doctor constantly putting me on different medication "try this for 2 weeks and see how you feel. The last medicine for my nausea actually made me throw up every morning. I like domperidome but Its difficult to get from Canada. I am going to go dairy free and nightshade free and hopefully cutting out more food will make a better difference. I routinely get my thyroid check every year for diabetes for the last 23 years as well so I am not too worried about it. Thanks for your encouragement, it means a lot because I do not have a support system at home.
  2. Yes I have had my thyroid check. Nothing abnormal. I keep a strict gluten free diet, Its hard to get doctors to get the test I want, I request it and the always tell me I am not being completely gluten free and I don't have problems because I am young. I am not too young anymore and I don't get why doctors treat me like I have lost my mind. I want to record my conversations with doctors, to document them. I have left my last 4 doctors for lack of patient care. Its frustrated.
  3. I just joined for this exact reason. I have been diagnosed for 4 years and I keep switching doctors because I still feel horrible even though I am on a gluten free diet. I was wondering if you all have taken food allergy test? I always have to find information from the internet and present it to my doctor, they keep telling me i am over reacting. The less i eat the better I feel, but I went down to 85 ilbs. So I was forced to eat more food. Recently, I would say the past 6 months its horrible. I sleep about 10 hours a day. My stomach feels like I am pregnant and I have constant pain, almost like a brick is stuck in my stomach. From the previous posts I can see that I need to try to cut out diary and soy, I am allergic to gluten free oats and didnt know that redmill had it in their flours. I just used it to make biscuits. I did buy brand new steel pots 3 weeks ago. I do feel similar to when I was just diagnosed. I have read from another site about being diagnosed with celiac they became allergic to tomatoes, eggplant, and bell peppers. I was thinking of cutting it out. I dont have health insurance and I have type 1 diabetes. I am still looking for a gastroenterologist, this will be my fifth one. The last doctor said he didnt believe I had celiac because I was hispanic and its not possible, even though I had all the test, and endoscopy which all proved that I do. Do you believe a food allergy test should be my next test? I constantly meet celiac that says they feel 100 percent better as soon as they go gluten free I wish this was true for everyone.
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