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  1. I hope you feel better soon. I've been there.

  2. My impression thus far is that hair-strand allergy testing is crock. Anyone able to weigh in on the scientific merits of it? (skylark...? ._. )
  3. I just want to check back in and add that it is very sweet and good of you to actually care and actually check up on this rather than making assumptions. It makes me sad when my aunt offers me a piece of delicious-looking pie with the crust cut off, which I know would not be safe at all, but she...
  4. just gonna echo what everyone else is saying: absolutely NOT. you'll CC the entire bird, no matter how hard you try. make the stuffing separately and add it to the turkey on your plates, in a separate place from where your celiac family serves their food.
  5. Cover a portion of the grill with aluminium foil and cook your food on that. Poke a few holes in places that won't let your food contact the grill. When I lived with my parents over the summer, they always cleaned & covered a portion of the grill away from other shelves that would drip on it...
  6. strange! does it have any additives in it, like MSG or something? the trembling could be psychosomatic...? idk!
  7. I've only just started the gluten-free diet, so I don't know what my symptoms of being glutened are yet, but my pre-diagnosis symptoms involved a lot of acid reflux and the strong desire to vomit--even burping up chunks of food. but I have practically no gag reflex, so that might explain why I never...