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  1. Strawberry_Jam

    No-Cooking Celiac Options?

    I got some spinach in the store that came with almonds and dried blueberries and that's good stuff idk why I never...
  2. Strawberry_Jam

    No-Cooking Celiac Options?

    I can afford a microwave, I just have nowhere to put it, space-wise. I had to choose between a microwave or a toaster...
  3. Strawberry_Jam

    No-Cooking Celiac Options?

    if I can make it another two weeks, I have a psychiatrist appointment, and seeing as I've had this same problem on and...
  4. Strawberry_Jam

    No-Cooking Celiac Options?

    some of that stuff is too much work. sometimes, either I can pull it out of the package and eat it, or I don't eat. ...
  5. Strawberry_Jam

    No-Cooking Celiac Options?

    eggs are pretty cheap. nuts, not so much. I have trouble with fats but I'll keep buying them for snacking on in the office...
  6. hi, I am gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free. I have severe depression and most days do not have the energy...
  7. Strawberry_Jam

    Eye Problems?

    Things are actually going really well, otherwise! My mouth and eyes don't feel *dry* really. And my mouth is fine...
  8. So, I've been gluten free for many years and I am very strict about it. Recently--for the past month I'm guessing...
  9. you can "overdose" on foods that are 20 ppm if you eat too many/much of them and end up with a gluten reaction. some...
  10. Strawberry_Jam

    Floating Stool

    If it is oily as well, or if it's floating D, then it's probably undigested fat. If it's normal but just floating...
  11. Strawberry_Jam

    You Find Out Who Your Friends Are...

    move. out.
  12. Strawberry_Jam

    Confusion About Levels Of Sensitivity...

    Depending on how long you were poisoning yourself, it could take years for the villi to heal. There's also the possibility...
  13. Strawberry_Jam


    my thoughts: 1. Celiac disease was first described in ancient Rome by a physician named Galen in like 250 AD. WAY...
  14. disposable "lunch lady" gloves for making gluten lunches?
  15. Strawberry_Jam

    New Diagonsis, New Diet

    wouldn't it be nice if we could just eat gray mush every morning and it would fill our stomachs and provide us with all...