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  1. Strawberry_Jam

    No-Cooking Celiac Options?

    I got some spinach in the store that came with almonds and dried blueberries and that's good stuff idk why I never thought to put sunflower seed butter on apples, what a good idea (I need to get some of that now) I like snow peas ok and sugar snap peas a lot
  2. Strawberry_Jam

    No-Cooking Celiac Options?

    I can afford a microwave, I just have nowhere to put it, space-wise. I had to choose between a microwave or a toaster oven, and I like the toaster oven better...
  3. Strawberry_Jam

    No-Cooking Celiac Options?

    if I can make it another two weeks, I have a psychiatrist appointment, and seeing as I've had this same problem on and off since 2008, it's probably time to try medication. good idea about the mini bell peppers, I like peppers, and there's gluten free hummus everywhere around here. I was avoiding peanuts but I can get my butt to whole foods and get some sunflower seed and almond butter eventually. I eat that stuff on the, what is it, the lundberg brand rice cakes. @SMRI -- I do have a toaster oven I bake chicken in, I didn't think to add veg with the chicken at the same time. I can totally do that. if you cook chicken from frozen how much longer do you put it in for?
  4. Strawberry_Jam

    No-Cooking Celiac Options?

    some of that stuff is too much work. sometimes, either I can pull it out of the package and eat it, or I don't eat. obviously when I feel well I cook huge batches of things but the problem is getting worse, not better.
  5. Strawberry_Jam

    No-Cooking Celiac Options?

    eggs are pretty cheap. nuts, not so much. I have trouble with fats but I'll keep buying them for snacking on in the office. crock pot, don't have it but have been meaning to get one. I guess if I get the little potatoes I don't have to chop them up even. I do have some frozen veg I could just cook in a pot I guess. I'm having trouble with the motivation to eat in general but I do like peas. peas are good for you, right?
  6. hi, I am gluten-free, soy-free, and dairy-free. I have severe depression and most days do not have the energy nor inclination to cook from scratch like I usually do. Eating at or ordering from restaurants gives me too much anxiety about CC that it's not worth it, unless the entire place is gluten-free. I've been eating crap like rice cakes, bologna, sausage, chips, sometimes store-bought guacomole. sometimes I bake chicken or splurge on coconut-milk ice cream. I don't own a microwave. I'm taking a food-based multi to try and address any problems with malnutrition. sometimes I don't eat vegetables in days. food budget is a maximum of $350/month, less if my depression keeps affecting my ability to work. I'm just trying to hold on until a series of appointments where I can begin getting treatment.
  7. Strawberry_Jam

    Eye Problems?

    Things are actually going really well, otherwise! My mouth and eyes don't feel *dry* really. And my mouth is fine, other than the occasional canker sore (which I cure with probiotics, and sensitive teeth. I've had my thyroid tested in the past, and it was always normal, altho' I couldn't tell you any more than that. I do have muscle fatigue but my general fatigue levels have gone way, way down since I got my diagnosis of dysthymia (chronic, low-grade depression) and have been treating that. I will have muscle fatigue and pain on occasion, however. It seems a little random. It used to be daily. I didn't know you could go back and forth between hyper- and hypothyroid. I should look into that.
  8. So, I've been gluten free for many years and I am very strict about it. Recently--for the past month I'm guessing--I've been having trouble with blurry vision, eye pain, and strain headaches. This was a pre-celiac symptom every single night that went away slowly when my diet changed. I used to have this problem every night, but now I only have it like once a month or so. My last known glutening was a minor exposure about two weeks ago. We aren't sure what it was exactly, but I had, about 12-24 hrs later, crushing depression that lasted a single day, and then vision troubles, headaches, and acid reflux that's still lingering. Does anyone else have this eye problem? Yesterday I was fine; day before yesterday I had to leave work early because I couldn't read anymore. I don't want to have to leave work early today by losing my vision!! Is this a symptom of glutening for anyone else? is it a sign of another sensitivity? vitamin deficiency? why would it happen some days and not others? my computer usage, amount of time spent on my cell phone, and amount of time spent reading small print & books remains unchanged between days where I have blurry vision and days where I don't.
  9. you can "overdose" on foods that are 20 ppm if you eat too many/much of them and end up with a gluten reaction. some super sensitive celiacs cannot handle one serving of a food that is labelled 20 ppm. others can handle several. others can handle quite a lot.
  10. Strawberry_Jam

    Floating Stool

    If it is oily as well, or if it's floating D, then it's probably undigested fat. If it's normal but just floating, it just has to do with your diet. Vegetarians have that problem iirc.
  11. Strawberry_Jam

    You Find Out Who Your Friends Are...

    move. out.
  12. Strawberry_Jam

    Confusion About Levels Of Sensitivity...

    Depending on how long you were poisoning yourself, it could take years for the villi to heal. There's also the possibility that something else flattens villi--isn't there? Doesn't casein do it for some people? (just looked it up--seems rare, but it's a thing that can happen) Obviously being as strict as possible can only help you. If you don't mind my asking, what were your symptoms like, if you were able to keep a not-so-strict diet without getting sick enough to make you stop that?
  13. Strawberry_Jam


    my thoughts: 1. Celiac disease was first described in ancient Rome by a physician named Galen in like 250 AD. WAY before the advent of genetically modified/specially bred wheat varieties. 2. Spelt is also considered a "heritage" cereal and is just as toxic to celiacs as regular wheat, barley, and rye. There is definitely something about our modern environment that is causing the incidence of autoimmune diseases to rise. However, reality resists simplification, and I think this theory is basically hogwash.
  14. disposable "lunch lady" gloves for making gluten lunches?
  15. Strawberry_Jam

    New Diagonsis, New Diet

    wouldn't it be nice if we could just eat gray mush every morning and it would fill our stomachs and provide us with all the nutrition we need for the day? or, better yet, a series of pills, pop pop pop all the nutrients you need and you won't feel hungry any more ever. I wish it were like that instead