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  1. Wow, looks like we all have the same kind of problem. Just under two weeks gluten free, and suddenly awake around 2 or 3am, can't lie on one side for more than a few moments. Strange thing though, I'm not as tired as what I would have been if still eating gluten products and only had four hours sleep. So, besides that the tossing and turning wakes my husband, its not been too bad! Would love a solution though. One other than sleeping tablets.
  2. wow - boerewors and biltong! That's impressive! I hope it comes out well and that you inspire loads of people around you! I personally love the stuff - definitely one of my favourite things in SA. I've eaten gluten free rusks, but they were very hard and very sweet. Will let you know if I ever find a nice one. Good luck and enjoy!
  3. Hi, I grew up with a gran who was celiac, and remember her mainly just eating mielie bread and rice cakes. But recently I was diagnosed to, so have had to change my lifestyle. I really didn't find it hard at all though. Just in the church I was at, I knew of 3 other people who were either gluten intolerant or had celiac. And we have fantastic healthshops in the Cape Town area, (two of the bigger ones: Wellness Wharehouse, Discem has a fantastic range) as well as some awesome restaurants. Tables, a restaurant on Nitida's winefarm, has a whole gluten free menu. Kuaia has gluten free optio
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