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  1. I get dizzy and anxious. I was almost off all gluten and was dizzy free. I did a week test....first the bloating and right side pain came along with facial breakouts. Next came the dizziness, fuzzy brain and slight depression. It took 4 days for the face and bloating to clear and 6 days gluten free for the dizziness to go away. I also was having a racing heart rate before I went gluten free.
  2. What a great doctor you have. Mine was not putting it all together. I am putting it together for him. i was put on a mild antidepressant in Dec. I fought it...he gave it to me at the beginning of Dec. and out of desperation I finally took it towards the end of the month. I had been having anxiety...dizziness, rapid heart rate and a panic attack or two since September. Never have I ever had this. I also began having stomach issues..noticeable by Oct. right side pain and terribly upset and gassy bloated beyond what I had been for quite some time...just thinking it was extra weight. I happened to cut a lot of gluten out thinking I had an overgrowth of stomach yeast. I have also had muscle twitching and vision disturbances. In Jan. my ob/gyn tested me for Vitamin D deficiency...which I tested positive for. He put me on a high dose I take twice a week. He said that should do it ....unless of course I have absorption issues. What causes that?? : ) So that put a ? in my head, and I had several family members say maybe you have celiac. My stomach had been better since about Nov. I finally decided to start eating bread and cereal again beginning of February. WIthin 5 days the side pain came back, my face had rebroken out, my knees were hurting again (who knew that those things that had changed for me...were a sign of wheat issues??). My dizziness came back a few days after that as well as the muscle leg twitching. I made an appt. with my primary to do the blood panel test and to test for more vitamin deficiences. He typed away on his laptop when I came with my celiac.com info. I had been reading about the depression/anxiety being linked to soo many people. He filled out the paperwork for me and I had my blood drawn. He really did not say much to me....I wonder if he was feeling bad...he had long conversations with me before when talking about going on the antidepressant in Dec. I have not heard back as to my results yet, and I had told him that day that I was curious about the test, more so the vitamin one, and regardless of positive or not...I was going gluten free hard core that day. 3 days gluten free my face began clearing up again. The first time I think it took over a month....I was still ingesting some gluten though here and there in the fall...and maybe it takes longer the first time clearing your body of it. The muscle twitching is almost gone by day 6 and my face completely cleared by day 4. The dizziness is now subsiding again day 6-7. I woke up this morning not feeling any dizziness. My husband is now convinced as am I....so glad I had the facial thing for him to see! : ) I am seriously considering doing the enterlab stool test for myself and our children. My husband is ready to do the diet with me after I have been talking nonstop about books I have purchased...the gluten connection, Elizabeth Hasselbeck's book and others. He has some issues that we are wondering will clear. I read a great article about neuro and celiac that I am sharing below. And yes, kiss your doctor. You need to try the diet for a month or more. The easiest way to do it is to eat meat, veggies and fruit. I love brown rice and quinoa is awesome. Buy some gluten free bread and some luncheon meat (boars head or other) that you know are gluten free. I have a great app on my iPhone that I use now to shop in a regular store.... Is that gluten free? or buy books and look up online. We ate spaghetti last week, corn pasta, and Paul Newman sauce (most if not all of his items are gluten free), had Ortega tacos ...all gluten free, and my kids will eat brown rice, veggies and meat. It was not hard cutting out the bread and sweets when I found my stomach healed. So many restaurants have gluten free menus now too. Just do your research before you go out....lessens the frustration. http://Spammers Use This To Link To Spam.com/?Brain-And-Neurological-Problems-Affect-Almost-Half-Of-Celiacs-Even-With-A-Gluten-Free-Diet&id=904155
  3. I am new here too. I am self diagnosing myself, but did get the blood panel....and waiting on the results. My symptoms are: some gastro...right flank pain anxiety/dizziness was the beginning and one nice panic attack which turned into depression muscle twitching mainly in my legs small facial acne I sort of went gluten free this fall..when the gastro problems worsened. Little did I know I was doing my body partial good...having no idea about celiac/gluten intolerance. Was actually thinking I had an over growth of yeast in my stomach and was eating the anti-yeast diet. I lost 15lbs. from Oct. to Dec. the anxiety turned from that to depression by Dec. In Jan. it had lessened as I started a mild antidepressant. My doctor was not putting any of the stomach issues with the anxiety/depression even though they started at the same time. I began having some muscle twitching in Jan. in my legs...it did not last long. In Jan. my ob/gyn said I should start eating more normal..I had been having some issues there as well..but was better. I started bread and cereal in Feb. for 5 days...my right flank pain came back, I became constipated, my face broke out again and my dizziness came back 2 weeks after that 5-7 day binge. I had the blood panel test run that Wed. and have been gluten free since. The dizziness came back and muscle twitching right after that point. On day 4 of no gluten my face began to clear up again...really going heavy with it this time. I now know I was consuming gluten when going out to eat and some in my house. The dizziness is just lessening now again after day 6, but I still am having some muscle twitching...like maybe 1 every hour...vs. almost constantly after reglutening. I told my doctor that I am curious to see the results of the blood panel test....but regardless I have made up my mind and know it is the gluten. I also was tested for vitamin deficiences as I tested positive with my ob/gyn for Vitamin D deficiency. I do want to make a gastro appt. that has a nutritionist with them to make sure I am taking the right amount of vitamins to continue my healing. This has all been very overwhelming to me and exciting at the same time that I am piecing it together after a very difficult 6 months.
  4. I am new here. I have had symptoms since at least August of 2010. I am 42. Have always had allergies, but never thought of food being an issue. First symptoms were anxiety and dizziness. These were what I noticed as something being different. I had also started eating "healthier" at this time....i.e. more whole wheat, less meat and more veggies. By October I had right side flank pain and became so much more bloated and gassy that I ended up at the doctor and had x-rays and sonograms....all showing nothing. My regular bloodwork was all great. My only symptoms were the stomach issues and the dizziness. I had my first panic attack in August....strange enough it was shortly after having an Egg McMuffin at McDonalds. I started eating a low yeast diet and cut out as much fiber as I could which got rid of the bloating within 2 days and I continued with this until Feb. as I thought I had an imbalance in my stomach. I also started probiotics daily and added fish oil and Stress B complex. I still was consuming gluten here and there...mainly when eating out. I can now recall several times where I ate something and the dizziness got worse. I have had gynocological issues as well...and they started right after the stomach pain. I now do believe this is tied to the same thing. My ob/gyn finally told me to start eating normally. This was after being told that I am vitamin D deficient. Due to infection...and not healing...he thought I might be. I began eating cereal again in Feb. and bread in sandwiches and within 5 days the right flank discomfort was back. I had not had this since Nov. when my stomach had finally healed. I have had the blood panel done. Have not gotten my results yet. Also asked for vitamin/mineral testing to see if I am deficient in any other vitamin. I really don't care what my blood panel says at this time....the vitamins I do. I know I am having a reaction to the gluten/wheat. I agree as well just do it! I am not putting myself through any more turmoil and it was working and I am sticking to it. Also other things that resolved...less dizziness, no knee pain, and my face cleared remarkably within a couple of months of cutting most wheat out. When I ate it again....all of this came back. Also, I was not bloated anymore or gassy. I always thought that was normal for me....so I do believe now I have had symptoms way before the anxiety started. I have been wheat free since last Wed. and by Sunday my face had cleared again and my knees feel no pain. I am still having some dizziness, but I know this too will fade. Never have I ever had panic attacks or issues with anxiety. That part of all of this was the worst...and I did become depressed for the first time ever. Eat healthy - do the diet.
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