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  1. Is anyone here from the Durham Region area, or even Scarborough?? I see most people are from the States and the UK, but I'm hoping SOMEONE can give me a lead on a Gluten-Free food store around here! I picked up some organic Millet in the gluten-free section in the Great Canadian Superstore the other day, but low and behold, it said right on it "Processed in a plant that contains Wheat". :( I was quite disappointed! They had other Gluten-Free cereals there, but mostly they were for children or didn't look too appetizing or trustworthy.

    There are Gluten-Free sections in some supermarkets, but there isn't that great a selection, and you still don't know (some packages don't always have a manufacture contact number, so I stay away from them). I've been looking for some other store that sells Gluten-Free products, but even Google has failed me on that.

    If anyone could give me any sort of idea, it would be appreciated! I know of one gluten-free bakery in Whitby that I go to all the time, Cup of Tea Bakery & Cafe. It's excellent, but only has breads & cookies, pastries, etc. I'd like to find a store that carries a variety of products. I'm even willing to drive out to Toronto! I just hope there's something around here so I don't have to stick to the big chain stores.

    Thanks in advance! :)

  2. One other thought, you mention your SO was eating a gluten meal. Did you guys do any kissing without him brushing his teeth first? I know it sounds silly but that will gluten you also. Also check your hand lotions if you use them for gluten ingredients as the residue on your hands could CC the food you prepare.

    He's actually very good with that; washing his hands, brushing his teeth. He teases me a lot with what I can't eat, but as far as CC, he is very careful. I've checked all my medications and creams, even shampoo/conditioner to see if if anything other than food products contain Gluten and they don't. That's what obsessive researching does to you I guess lol.

    Thanks for the thought though!

  3. Hi and welcome!

    It's GREAT you have reduced your migraines!! awesome!!

    I agree--the wise people on here know more than anyone in the medical community. No one "gets it" like another one with the same condition. I love this forum!

    Like you, I had years of suffering and am newly gluten-free since January 1. I see some improvements, mostly in that scary brain fog and the cessation of "D" and horrible, gut-wrenching burning/heartburn from my throat to my ...well, other end :rolleyes: .

    I stick with it and hope the other 100 or so symptoms disappear too! :unsure:

    It takes a LONG time for gluten to get out of your system and for the damage done to your intestines--and the rest of your body systems/organs-- to heal. Be patient with yourself.

    The only good advice my doc gave me was avoid dairy, too as it is difficult to process until you heal-- and to give it at least 6 months to see REAL progress.

    The cheese on the pizza may have given you some trouble--not the beef? Just a thought. I am not thrilled about giving up dairy, ( I love cheese!!)but I do it because I want to give the gut as much help healing as I can. Many people give up the dairy and can add it back in later.

    I, too, want to feel better right now :lol: BUT unfortunately, the healing time is different for everyone.

    Everyone on here tells me it gets better.I believe them! Hang tough! ;)

    Thank you! Everyone on here is so welcoming and helpful :)

    My fiance suggested I stay away from dairy too. I told him I've always been ok with it, and that I 'couldnt' have an issue with dairy - I think I was just being slightly ignorant and didn't want to give up another food group, haha. Now that you mention it as well, it does make sense.

    I'm going to cut out dairy now and see if that helps any. At least for now until my body heals, and then I can always bring it back into my diet and see how I feel.

    Thanks again!

  4. You're right, it is indeed. It is a good idea at first to prepare all your own meals, not to eat out at anyone's house or a restaurant until you have learned the ropes and all the gluten hiding places. When I was talking about utensils, did she use a rolling pin that could have had flour on it? Did she use any other wooden or plastic utensils in working the pizza dough, or set it to rise in a scratched plastic bowl? There are so many possibilities for gluten to enter off other baking utensils, and was the separate pan your pizza was baked on thoroughly cleaned beforehand? Baking pans especially are difficult to clean, but if it were a brand new foil pan that would be different.

    The amount of time it takes for gluten to work its way out of the system is different for every individual. Some poor wretches have it linger on for a couple of weeks after an exposure; for others it is gone in a day or too.

    It was a frozen 'Glutino' pizza that you just pop in the oven, so there were no utensils used to make it luckily. And I do believe she used a brand new foil pan to bake it. She could have even put it down on the counter for a moment though, you never know. I'm sure there's enough Gluten up there just from everyday cooking and meal preparation.

    Thank you for the insight on the time it takes for Gluten to work its way out of your body. Hopefully I won't be one of those unlucky ones, but only time will tell!

    I'm just going to stick to my diet and wait it out. That's really all you can do I guess - though I read in another forum that Aloe water helps? I'm going to have to pick myself up some of that :)

    Take care.

  5. Hi all, wanted to get some answers on the ever-mystifying symptoms of Celiac disease. So a few months back, my wife was severely anemic (iron deficiency), vitamin D deficient and getting horrible cramps in her tummy. She also was not digesting any of her veggies (but starches/proteins were ok). As we got iron and vitamin D treatment, we started to probe more into what the deal is with the indigestion. In the meantime, she had a colonoscopy which revealed some damage in her small intestines (jejunum), where major nutrient absorption takes place.

    Doing some research (and thanks to this site!), we figured that she was gluten intolerant. This was back in Dec 2010. We started 2011 by going gluten-free. for the last couple of months, her cramps virtually disappeared, her digestion came back and she started feeling much better. But in the last couple of weeks, we had a little slip up and she ate some blue cheese and Dannon yogurt (non-gluten free stuff) and from then on, she gets these horrible sharp pains in her tummy, accompanied by headaches, "fogginess". We of course, ensured that everything we're eating is gluten-free and not to have any more slip-ups. While the 1st attack was a week and half ago (which lasted for half a day), the last couple of nights (after dinner and before bed), she's been getting the sharp pain which would last for a few minutes (although would start to dissipate) but accompanied by headaches. She would be ok after sleeping through it by the morning.

    Question is what do you guys do for such a gluten attack? Do you experience these "flares" even after on a gluten-free diet? Do you use painkillers? She has taken peptobismol and tylenol when it happens but the relief is minor. Please list what you do for this, for I cant really bear to see her in pain. We thought we got the situation fixed by going gluten-free and things seemed to be ok for the last couple of months, but these flares are now occurring. Could it be that the slip up that we had week and half ago caused this and eventually this will go down?

    Also, do you guys go about specifically getting treated by celiac disease specialists or do you stay with your GI? Thanks very much!

    I'm new to the Gluten-Free diet myself, but I've been researching quite a bit in my spare time. There is an enzyme called 'DPP IV' that is made by Kirkman. From what I've heard from other Celiacs, it can be helpful when accidentally ingesting Gluten. It is a plant-based enzyme though, and apparently if you have certain health concerns you should not take it, but there are lots of people who swear by it. I would maybe look into that for her.

    There isn't really much you can do once you've ingested it. Inducing vomitting is not healthy, nor will it necessarily get the Gluten out of your system. The best defense is to just be vigilant and read labels. Stay away from anything processed, and in any instant when she's unsure about a food containing Gluten, just don't eat it.

    Hopefully this helps. Take care :)

  6. Welcome, escanlon!

    My best guess would be that you are getting gluten cross-contamination. Your mother-in-law prepared your pizza and could well have used utensils and a pizza pan that were gluten contaminated, not to mention picking up some gluten flour somewhere. Then your fiance was eating gluten food while you had your gluten free meal. Were these meals prepared with different utensils and pans and were all yours gluten free?

    Thanks for the quick reply mushroom :)

    That is what I was questioning at first, however I noticed they did use a separate baking pan. It was a personal pizza so I cut it with my own utensils, so I can't see how there could have been cross-contamination there. That's the part that boggles my mind! :S

    After this incident I've decided to prepare all my meals myself, which I did the following night and then was still sick - but that could have been the gluten in my system still I guess.

    Despite their best efforts, there could have still been some contamination. Who knows, Gluten is a tricky little protein!

  7. Hi all,

    I am new to posting on this forum, however I've been reading it now for quite awhile and figured it was time to join. I'm newly self-diagnosed, after battling years of GI issues and getting nowhere with the doctors. All my tests came back negative, and I was told that I had IBS and just had to 'deal with it'. It was up until January this year that things got to the point where I could no longer go to work because of the D and excruciating pain, not to mention the general fatique and just lack of energy.

    I've been researching online for the last couple weeks, and just started a Gluten-Free diet this past Friday. The very first day I felt like a million bucks. I was in tears when I was explaining to my Fiance how great it was to feel 'normal' for once, that's how happy and relieved I felt. I thought 'ok, this is it.. I've found what it is. I can fix it'. After accidentally ingesting Gluten the next day (although I've only been on the diet a few days to begin with), I have a couple questions....

    Here's some background to explain what happened: That evening I had ground beef (that I later found out was out of the tube, processed, containing fillers aka GLUTEN >.<) and I paid for it. I felt horrible, and had the familiar stabbing pains and D, cramps, fatigue, etc about 40 mins after I ate, and into the evening. The next morning I was still quite sick, but a couple hours after bouts of D, I felt good and thought it was 'out of my system'. I had my Gluten-Free brunch and felt pretty good the rest of the day. Come dinner my mother-in-law made me a gluten-free pizza and added '100% ground beef' to half (I asked for half only just incase, though she verified that it was 100% meat, with no filler, and I even read the packaging). After I ate that, I got a reaction - go figure.

    Same thing the next day, felt like it was mostly out of my system (since it was only a tiny bit of ground beef), had my gluten-free brunch and was feeling good again. I thought everything was good, made myself a gluten-free dinner consisting of chicken (100% breast, no sauce or anything) and some veggies. Happily ate my dinner while my fiance enjoyed his Gluten-filled donaire, and everything seemed good. After my chicken & veggie dinner, about 9:30pm rolled around, another reaction. That night, and into the next morning feeling horrible, crampy, D, etc, etc. All that fun stuff. :(

    My question to you is; I know the timeframe that Gluten stays in your body differs for everyone, but is this somewhat typical? Has anyone else experienced anything like this at the beginning of their gluten-free diet? I just find it so strange, and I'm new to the Gluten-Free lifestyle, so it's VERY confusing for me. I would assume my body is still having reactions, and that's why I'm still sick, despite my Gluten-Free food. Even today, I've had nothing by decaf tea and gluten-free food, and my tummy's not very happy to say the least!

    Any insights would be GREATLY appreciated. My doctor is not very helpful, and doesn't really seem to listen to me. After reading other posts, I have more faith in fellow Celiacs/Gluten Intolerants.

    Thanks for your time. :)