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  1. I'm having a hard time losing weight too. I'm 5'10 and at the moment yoyo between 165-170 lbs which is about 25 lbs more than I want to be. When I was diagnosed in December, I was hopeful that the weight would just come off by itself, but that hasn't happened. My Dr thinks that once my gut heals, it will be easier for me to lose. I also have Hashimoto's and even with thyroid meds it just is harder to lose weight than it used to be. If I'm honest, I have to admit that many days I consume too many calories to lose. I tested positive to gluten, casein, eggs, soy and yeast. That combination makes it hard to find something to just grab and eat. I love Lara bars and they have been my quick go-to snack of choice and because they taste so good (especially the cashew and pecan ones) I often eat one or two even if I'm not hungry. They are around 200 calories each and that adds up. A couple of glasses of wine at night also don't aid with weight loss. Keeping a food/drink journal for a few days helps me realize that I often mindlessly consume more than I think. I think that I just need to get better organized and pre-plan my meals and snacks so that I'm not caught hungry with nothing ready to eat except Lara bars
  2. My Dr had me take an salivary Adrenal Stress Index test (Diagnos-tech lab) a couple of weeks ago and the result was "extremely high" cortisol. She was puzzled by the extreme results and she got back with the lab to discuss my test. They made me retake the test and I just mailed it back yesterday and I should have the new results in a week to ten days. Even though I mostly have a low-stress life, she suggested I take the adrenal test because my immune system is/was constantly battling my food, which is high stress for the body.
  3. Dior, Tarte Cosmetics and most Benefit Cosmetics should be gluten free Dior takes the precaution to state that they can not guarantee that their products might not be cross-contaminated somewhere along the line. Cross-contamination is probably a slighter risk in cosmetics than in food ? My all time favorite mascara is Lancome Hypnose, but I never got an answer to my email regarding ingredients. Sephora lists ingredients for many of the brands they sell, but not for all.
  4. I take both Floravital yeast free(half dose only) and Flora liquid Calcium /Magnesium. Also: liquid Garden of Life Vitamin Code Multi, Hubner Silica gel liquid, liquid Glucosamin, lemon-flavored Norwegian cod liver oil (liquid in a bottle, not the capsules) all mixed together with water. It's not the best tasting cocktail, but it agrees with me and seems to work well.
  5. My doctor wants me to not use any gluten containing skincare products because skin is part of the immune system and what is put on the skin will eventually end up in the body. I looked at my products, emailed several companies and found that quite a few of my products contained either wheat germ oil or hydrolyzed wheat protein. In the process of looking at ingredients I was really surprised just how many different things are in skincare. What is all that stuff? On a detox board I came across a skincare brand called Odacite that only uses either organic or wild-crafted ingredients and no preservatives or harsh chemicals - and it is freshly made for each client. I emailed them because in their general list of ingredients they show wheat and rye. The customer rep got back to me very quickly, which was a nice change after being ignored by several brands She got in touch with the lab and the only product containing gluten is the cleanser, all others are gluten free. After answering a few questions about my skin they are now preparing a sample kit (without cleanser) for me to try their products. I really hope the products work well, because I like the idea of using fresh "clean" skincare. Odacite Skincare
  6. I use Garden of Life Vitamin Code liquid. I'm recently diagnosed and still have absorption issues and a liquid multi is easier for me. It tastes rather nasty by itself, but I mix it with my other liquid supplements and a bit of juice and that makes it ok. I also tested positive to casein, eggs, soy, yeast and had to change most of my supplements From their website: "Vitamin Code
  7. Thank you both for your replies, I appreciate it. I saw a new integrative Dr yesterday and she said she'd like me to avoid gluten, dairy, eggs, soy and yeast completely for 3 months. She suggested that, if I'm open to it, I get desensitized with acupuncture after 3 months and that hopefully I will be able to have egg, soy and yeast at least occasionally in limited amounts after that. Seeing that I have Hashimoto's, she says that gluten and possibly dairy are my main concerns. I asked her about cosmetics and body care products and she says to avoid any with gluten. Thank you again for your help. Minnie
  8. Hello, I'm new here and found out in November that I have gluten and casein intolerance. Testing was done by Enterolab. A few weeks ago I thought that it might be a good idea to see how I'm doing with soy and ordered the Egg, Yeast and Soy Sensitivity test. I just received the result and ALL THREE came back positive. Argh. I'm having a hard enough time eliminating gluten and all dairy, not being able to eat soy, yeast and especially eggs is going to be daunting. How accurate are Enterolab's results? Do you think I can reintroduce eggs and yeast after a while? Thank you for any information, Minnie Here are the results: Gluten Sensitivity Stool Test Fecal Anti-gliadin IgA 253 Units (Normal Range is less than 10 Units) Cow's Milk Protein Sensitivity Stool Test Fecal Anti-casein (cow
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