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  1. DixieBell, Thanks so much for the info. I have made a follow-up appointment with the GI to discuss the results. Via email he said that my son did not have celiac. Blood levels too low, but IGA test (not sure which one) was above normal limits. I'm a little confused...
  2. Hi! I am new to this board, but have already found it very interesting and helpful. I have a 6 year old son who has had mild (but constant) health issues since he was little. He's a normal 6 year old, but still has some delays/allergy shiners/etc... He's been on a limited dairy diet since he was 3 due to constant ear infections. I had him re-tested for allergies last week, and the doctor (a new GI) suggested including the celiac blood panel. Results -- Food allergies all negative. Celiac panel slightly positive. IGA was 217. (nurse said upper limit of normal is 195) and TTG was +9 which I guess is still in the normal range, but close to being above normal. I don't have the other numbers as I had a short conversation with the nurse and needed to run to pick up my child at school. I will call the doctor tomorrow to find out more info. If you have any insight to these numbers or questions I need to ask the doctor, please let me know. Thanks for your help! ATLMommy
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