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  1. I am a 44 year old female. I was placed on a gluten-free diet as an infant after being diagnosed with failure to thrive and "malabsorption syndrome" as a result of bloating and chronic diarrhea. After 4-5 years, the doctors decided I had "outgrown" this allergy to gluten and told my mother to allow me to eat whatever I wanted. I spent the remainder of my childhood and adulthood avoiding most breads and pasta by choice - I imagine by some primitive self-protective mechanism. During my teens, I developed headaches that have persisted to the present. Currently, I have headaches more days every month than I do not. It was only recently that I realized the link between celiac and headaches. I asked my PCP to test me for celiac in December 2010. It was no surprise to me the blood work came back positive, as did my biopsy. I have never been plagued with the "typical" gastric symptoms of celiac so I have never given it much thought. Now that I have done more research and realize the link with headaches, and more importantly the risk cancer if left undiagnosed, I appreciate the need to implement a gluten-free diet. I have been gluten-free since January 2011 (15 months). I am disappointed to say, I have not noticed any improvement in my headaches. I was really hoping the gluten-free diet was going to help. I have an appointment with Dr. John Stroehlein in Houston next month and I am hoping he can help me figure some of this out. I have seen a few doctors over the years, but none have really probed beyond the usual physical and blood work. I would value and input from others who can relate or have been there.......thanks
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