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  1. Looks like other food intolerances and vitamin B group deficiency Most important being B3 and B5. Those just saved me (but very high doses) Take care
  2. Hi, Has anybody tried this? Daosin/histame http://www.sciotec.at/en/products/functional-food/daosin/ any effect on leaky gut? food intolerances? environmental allergies? Many thanks in advance Just ordered it...
  3. Initially leaky gut onset is because of candida/gluten/NSAIDS/antibiotics/vaccines. When your gut is aready leaky, then things that do harm you: lectins (all main groups + GMO) oxalates Because those should not normally be present in the bloodstream, but with leaky gut they are. This explains why GMO/lectins/high oxalate foods are non problematic to those who have healthy gut, but are very harmful for those with leaky gut
  4. Red40 is a known allergen and a very bad one
  5. My five cents (apart from eliminating allergens) Wild oregano oil - excellent for reducing candida (one of the main factors of leaky gut) Licorice root (as I have adrenal fatigue in addition to leaky gut, I use the natural licorice, not DGL) L-glutamine did a very good job for my son. It does not promote yeast (glutathione does - and although glutamine is a presecusor of glutathione, there is still a long road between the one and another) But for me glutamine was bad Read that if you have reaction to sodium glutamate, you could cross-react to glutamine. looks my case. Things that did not help rather: probiotics - those do their input into oxidative stress unfortunately caprylic acid - did not notice any effect digestive enzymes - tried those for my son, had only temporary effect. Thing that I am going to try - just ordered: histamine breaking enzyme - daosin/histame: http://www.sciotec.at/en/products/functional-food/daosin/
  6. My five cents... Having the same symptoms - looong list of food intolerances and low blood sugar levels, I could deduct 2 problems: - leaky gut - adrenal fatigue As for low sugar levels - if this goes along with low pressure - this points to adrenal fatigue. Taking sugar is not a best idea! It does only temporarily help but does not cure, in addition it does feed candida that worsens both leaky gut and adrenal fatigue. To treat adrenal fatigue those are golden supplements: Vitamin B5 (pantothenic acid) and licorice root (non DGL). Licorice is also great for leaky gut. I used to be vegan - oops - hits bad my adrenals. I had to reintroduce fish. But only fish (no meat/dairy/eggs) As for grains - I have no problem with buckwheat and millet - both are excellent source of well-balanced protein. Have you tried those? Teff is another good option. Rice is bad for me as well. I would have to agree that potatos are bad, soy is bad and coffee is too bad
  7. Hi, For histamine reducers - have you looked at dasin/histame (this is the enzyme that breaks down histamine)? What do you think about it? Just ordered it and going to try... http://www.sciotec.at/en/products/functional-food/daosin/
  8. gluten (increases zonulin production, zonulin dissolves gut cell junctions) yeast (candida) when it mutates to mushroom form antibiotics, NSAIDs ....
  9. I think environmental allergy. Black molds, any specific household chemicals, pesticides, dust mites? Tap water? (contains chlorine that is very aggressive for pancreas and kidneys. Buy albustics proteine dipsticks to measure albumin loss through urine - this couold be very indicative to any allergen. Log and regular measurement would allow you to find your allergen at home
  10. Very very much helpful! Many thanks! I will try the licorice root - the rest I am more or less in line with... Thank you for great links. Health to you too!
  11. I have been suffering with terrible back pains all my life. 3 years ago I started gluten free - just to be in this with my son who had an autoimmune condition, and, surprisingly, my bakc pains (back muscle spasms) have gone. Along with depression, insomnia and other nice symptoms. This way I found I am not celiac, but gluten intolerant. Unfortunately last September my symptoms returned in milder form, and new symptoms added (orthostatic low blood pressure, hypoglicemia, blurred vision, constant fatigue etc etc) - and this despite that I am keeping the GFDF diet very strictly. By the collection of symptoms I found out I have adrenal fatigue (another condition not recognized by conventional medicine, but making people suffer greatly). I took measures recommended for adrenal fatigue (first of them was gluten free caseine free, but I was already on that, very high doses of vitamin B5, very high doses of magnesium, limitation of potassium - and again my symptoms improved greatly - apart from insomnia and morning orthostatic pressure, and inability to function the first hour-two in the morning and until stretching... Frustrating is that I cannoot reduce the dose of B5 and Mg - I am highly dependent on them. If you have experience and tips to share, I would be very grateful. I am aware of leaky gut and convinced I have this too. Anticandida therapy (oregano oil) in process... Any other factors? What expectations on cure? THank you
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